2018 Hiatus

Dear Wild Ones, I am on hiatus for 2018 to focus on other other creative & writing projects. This means I will not be hosting workshops or providing consultations during 2018 as I had planned.

As some of you know in 2015 I acquired a neurological condition due to a bad fever, unfortunately this month I’ve had another fever and pneumonia-lite. I am recovering well – don’t worry! –  but I went into the Wild, I listened.  I have decided it is time I laid down this work at the door of change, for now, so I can transform once again.
True healing can only take place if I contain my vitality and direct it towards strengthening my body. This spiritual silence is an old tradition – and a part of the brewing of new creative work. I haven’t really been able to make time for this until 2018.

I created the Existential Astrologer from a basic WordPress blog in 2013. I have been reading now for 14 years but the Existential Astrologer was where I really found my voice to share my ideas about the nature of the deep magic in tarot, astrology and ritual. So many of you shared your wisdom, stories, experiences & triumphs. I learned as much as I shared, it was truly a deepening, wisening, tempering experience. To say I am grateful is completely insufficient to how I feel to those who came for a ‘reading’ and worked as active participant in the story of their life – to stand at the crossroads, reflect, surrender fear, consider hope and move forward.

The place of dreaming, of the a-rational, the non-empirical which greets us each night in our sleep, returns through story.  This is the place of magic, and we must keep it vivid and alive as a defense against religious insanity, coercion, political tyranny or the thinning out of our Wild beauty. There are many people and ways your magic can be stolen from you. Be fierce and guard your holy self from those who would try to steal your sacred fire.

This work – tarot, astrology, mythic mysticism – has been with me for most of my adult life. The people that taught me shared traditions that are not held fast in books but passed from one to another – over long teas, shared tears, artistic vision. Dreaming, musing, seeing into the Wild of Nature & human nature, was the major part of those teachings. It was never about prediction, determining someone’s fate or proving ‘psychic’ or occult powers. This fosters the poison of superstitious fear and sucks the vitality, the magic of the individual targeted. Beware of anyone who claims to know more than you do in this way – listen to your deep instinct, never permit anyone to convince you to part with your power. The stories my teachers gave me, their guidance carried me through the worst times of my life and gave me power to endure and triumph that was real & potent. Stories show the path of escape or the path to joy, or teach us what we need to know in a given situation, they have medicine for all ills of the heart, psyche and soul. These traditions are within you and the keeper of the stories, as tarot reader or astrologer, just gives you space to remember and find the answers.

Myth & magick should never seek to rule reason. These 2 principles are not opposed but are in dynamic symbiosis, the imagination inspires the empirical search. The dream guides the hand to grasp the needle in the haystack, but it is not concerned with the action itself. It is the knowing that leads to useful understanding mediated by logic and empiricism.

Keep the magic, keep the wild, keep the songs. And continue to work, to explore with reason, evidence and clear logic to find solutions to the grave crises in health, ecosystem and social ills that threaten the Holy Wild in nature and in us.  

The making of symbols, the living art of storytelling and ritual, the sharing of old myth cycles and ways of making sense of our experiences – this is how we keep our World Alive. You all carry your own stories. I know this, for I have heard your incredible adventures and have seen your heroic courage. I have heard you sing back grandmother’s words or stories from your people, and make whole the little rifts in your own experience. Some of you were seeking home, some of you transformation. Some learned how to be warriors, others to be soft again. I too, did all these things.

I am not sure what will come of this work, or when. But I know it is time – time to lay this work to rest deep in the Earth and see what grows from it.

Thank you and much love and gratitude, for reading, sharing and meeting with me,

Love and blessings, Asha – The Existential Astrologer


I am on hiatus indefinitely but if you’d like to contact me I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

xo Asha