Asha is an astrologer & tarot reader. She draws from myth, magick and traditional spiritual approaches to understanding emotional & material balance. Asha has been working these paths for 13 years.

Asha teaches workshops on restoring the Wild Self through Myth & Magick and hosts ritual events. She works with clients to reconnect lost, fractured or silenced parts of the psyche through tarot, astrology, story telling & dream-work. By weaving together our pieces we release and transform our wounds into knowledge and self mastery.

Asha has experienced Underworld Initiation through the challenges and difficulties she has faced in her life. Through dream work, magick, ritual and story work she has drawn understanding, healing and wisdom. She was raised by gentle-souled spiritual folk and comes from a line of Wild Souls. She is a mother herself now and spends much time calling her own mother to say thank you. Asha has survived and grown through abusive relationships, recovered from depression & anxiety and been healed by love. She is known to cackle, rather than laugh – and she does it often. Asha continues to dance through love and life, curious about the next big story coming her way.

Through tarot we explore the Gods, Goddesses and forces of nature and understand how we can call out these powers within ourselves to change the fate we find ourselves in. The tarot offer wise answers to dealing with people in our lives, ordinary and extraordinary situations of the human experience and the greater spiritual lessons.

Astrology reveals the map of your psyche, your spiritual purpose and your skills & abilities. The birth chart can be explored to deal with specific challenges like relationship issues, finding a suitable career, dealing with problems and making the most of your gifts. Relationship readings  improve connection with others & transit readings (what’s coming up).

Ritual Marks the transition between relationships, assists us to embrace the different stages of life and make peace with loss & change.

 Tarot, astrology and ritual have always been used to realign the seeker to their Quest.  Finding your path through traditional approaches like tarot, astrology & ceremony opens a treasure house of half remembered but still vital cultural knowledge. By singing these stories back we bring colour, joy and purpose back to our journey.

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  1. I am amazed with your skills and contribution to the society. You have not only amazing talents and skills but the most important is your sincere assistance for guidance for all those needed. You work is holy indeed. Very kind of you to spend your valuable time for everyone. Only gods and angels will ever return your kindness. Thank you so much for everything.


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