Asha reads tarot and astrology, writes weekly horoscopes and every now and then holds a tarot workshop. Her practise focuses on the deep story – understanding the journey of the soul to greater wholeness and fulfilment of our potential as individuals, lovers, family & community. Freedom, responsibility and the ever present beauty of life combined with a rich philosophy make Asha’s readings both deeply spiritual and practically helpful.

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I came across Asha randomly on instagram, and was instantly drawn to her words and work. She’s done astrology and tarot work for me just through written words and Skype. I was so impressed by the way she connected with me using this method. She’s a talented lady, writes beautifully, and puts so much love, clarity and detail into her work. Highly recommend. Teresa Jane, May 13, 2017

Asha’s readings are beautiful, luminous, insightful and lyrical. She will enrich your life with the gift of self-knowledge. Rachel Caroline, May 11, 2017

Asha presents an insightful, eloquent and deep reading. She has a kind and empathetic approach that give awareness to our lives and the world around us. Her energy and passion shines through her. I would highly recommend a reading with Asha as her knowledge is bountiful, practical and calming! Olivia Jane, 25 May 2017


You can read more testimonials on Asha’s facebook page 


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  1. I am amazed with your skills and contribution to the society. You have not only amazing talents and skills but the most important is your sincere assistance for guidance for all those needed. You work is holy indeed. Very kind of you to spend your valuable time for everyone. Only gods and angels will ever return your kindness. Thank you so much for everything.


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