Ye Goddess! It’s another goshdarn eclipse – and it’s in Scorpio!!!

Transformation- Zac CraigYe Goddess! It’s another goshdarn eclipse – and it’s in Scorpio!!! eeek! As an honorary Scorpio – Scorpio ascendant, Pluto, Saturn, south node – even I am shrieking. Good luck dealing with this, Virgo!

Do you like intense crises? Are you fond of having  the restrictions and blockages (Saturn) hidden in your secret passions and psyche dragged up (Scorpio), examined and discussed (Mercury)? Let’s throw in a little bit of extra emotional sensitivity (Moon) amplified by the Sun and …bam! On Nov 3, 7:50AM EST there will be a solar eclipse (Sun & Moon Conjunction) in Scorpio – conjunct Saturn and Mercury. In astro speak this means that the Sun, Saturn, Mercury and the Moon will all be the same spot in the heavens (from Earth’s perspective).

Yes, that is a Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mercury conjunction in SCORPIO. Scorpio is all about investigation, intensity, passions of all kind (not just sex!), resolution through exposure, analysis, and synthesis, rebirth and transformation. Scorpio is about strategy, control, power and penetrating awareness. It is one of the most powerful and volatile of the signs, ruled by Pluto and Mars. Read some of those myths if you want some imagery for Scorpio.

Broadly speaking, the Sun represents your essential, conscious self and the Moon your unconscious self – feeling and sense. When these both aspect Mercury – (the intellect, communication) and Saturn (the image of the father, time, limitation and resources) we have a powerful astrological event – mind, matter, self and sense all smashing about in Scorpio.

In a personal sense, we may see this play out as the integrated self (Sun and Moon) united with the powers of insight (Mercury) into limitations we face, our resources and origins (Saturn). Scorpio provides confrontation, dissolution, but also resolution – but only if you have the courage to face any discomfort an intense scrutiny may bring.

Matters concerning authority figures and material limits are brought to the surface. Mercury here can represent information or the ‘child’ being forced to a crisis where both the conscious and unconscious aspects of a matter must be exposed and dragged to the surface to achieve resolution.

Psycho-spiritually, Scorpio revolutionises our identity – we are forced to comprehend this consciously and intuitively. We are compelled to engage mentally with the base materials and reality of our identity. We may be faced with blockages that – no matter how we try to apply our intellectual function-  cannot be overcome without the integration of our rational, active identities and our intuiting, sensing self.

Eclipses will affect you more if they transit a significant point across your chart such as your ascendant sign, sun, moon or midheaven. The domain of your life the eclipse will touch is determined by the HOUSE the it occurs in, on your personal chart. (Check this out by visiting entering in your birth data and clicking ‘show transits’ on the quick chart drawing. You will see the current sun in green outside the chart which like a clock is divided into 12 sectors – the houses. )

If you are a Virgo, Pisces or a Capricorn this eclipse will totally mess with you as you can’t control it. I recommend you rent (download? who rents DVDs now?) some rom-coms and lock yourself in your immaculately tidy/beautiful/expensive home until the madness subsides. Do not come out for a week. Pisces may need a handkerchief for mopping up tears as the moon stimulates an increased sense of vulnerability and intensity in Scorpio.

Those of you born with Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio (approx 1984 – 1986) will experience this eclipse as particularly intense. This eclipse is affecting your natal Pluto and Saturn placements. Pluto is power and transformation, irresistible and volatile. Saturn is the place of your limits, what is restricting you (externally and internally) – but also, your resources, material and ancestral. Traditionally these are considered malefic planets. Let’s say this is not true.

And now, for your horrorscope – by Sun Sign. If you know your Ascendant sign, read that too (or instead).

Scorpio – be kind to everyone else. Yes, we know you are intense as all … but remember no one else in the zodiac can DEAL with you hopped up on Saturn severity, Mercury high-speed intellect, Moon madness AND the usual Scorpio intensanity. (Except Sagittarius or Aquarius because in the former case, she doesn’t really care, and in the latter she is more than a little fascinated with measuring and documenting the experience  and the subsequent fireworks for her research on human beings.) Scorpio Sun, Moon or Ascendants – this is going to be powerfully intense for you, but you’re a Scorpio so, it’s probably not deeply problematic eh?

This eclipse occurs in your sign in the domain of your identity, worldly appearance and your bodily expression. It requires you to face limitations and rigidities in your own personality, You cannot achieve everything by strategy or your famed powers of control. Though you can change much you can’t change yourself at the core. Take some time to examine honestly what you ARE. It’s not so appealing when we really examine it, but in this truth much of value can be found. Sobering truth, harsh reality but also the secret source of your strength and future success can be revealed if you are willing to investigate and accept that your essential nature is immutable. What we can control, manipulate, master is how we express that to the world. When we know what we have to draw on, we are better equipped to plot.

Mercury functions to move your ideas to the depths, investigating and incisive, you are mentally examining all things, weighing them against your resources and limitations and balancing them against your ego and emotional needs. The crisis of the Sun and Moon in strong aspect to Saturn and Mercury means  you must weigh your emotional sense, your ego-identity, your capacities and limitations against your ideas and strategising to master this revolution and rebirth in your identity. This is no mean feat, but then we all know Scorpios can pretty much achieve anything they decide to. Mainly because they have no qualms about burying bodies in their march to success.

Sagittarius – Have you noticed others are starting to act a little odd? This means, dear Archer, everyone is going pre-eclipse bonkers but you’ve only just registered. If you stand still for long enough you may notice some intense unconscious feelings arising from deep in the psyche. This eclipse may manifest as material, concrete expression of your ideas and a capacity to communicate them. Secrets, hidden conflicts and enemies may expose themselves. Your dreams and reveries go deep; draw from them some practical ideas that nourish both your intutition and your day-to-day self.

Capricorn you don’t cope well with intensity, volatility or sudden changes – we also know you are the MASTER of finding the most secure place to land when you are required to make a sudden, unplanned leap. This is just as well because this eclipse occurs in your 11th house – work with groups, friends, long-term goals. Examine these areas of life carefully and if forced to face some unpleasant realities (Saturn) mediate them with incisive analysis. Don’t shrink from unpleasantries when they are uncovered. Master the situation by listening to the intense intuitive sense generated by the eclipse and control your ego expression. As if you ever need to be told to control your ego expression. I should say, PLOT your way out if it,  Scorpio style.

Aquarians are the aliens of the zodiac. That’s because we are notoriously kooky, eccentric and paradoxically detached yet friendly. The Aquarius can struggle with emotional weirdness and passionate intensity of any kind – it’s all just a bit too PERSONAL not enough COLLECTIVE.

This eclipse lands itself in the sphere of your vocation, worldly appearance and ambition. You may discover things are dragged into the light that you have pushed down for sometime. This is less on-the-job employment (unless you’re lucky enough to pay the bills by working in your calling) and more to do with a sudden and heavy wake-up call regarding your worldly ambition. You may be headed at high-speed in the wrong direction. You need to reassess your capabilities and resources (fortitude, energy, and suitability) to achieve your goal and whatever intense feelings, ideas, identity crisis you may discover must be weighed, balanced and integrated before you move forward again. If you manage this, you will be equipped to achieve those big-picture Aquarian plans. All that hard work will probably have stimulated your wild imagination and your journey through the Scorpio depths will make you a little bit more human a little less space-cake.

Pisces – Oh dear Pisces, this eclipse may all feel like a bit too much – gentle Piscean waters are being stirred by Scorpio intensity. You are tuned into the unconscious world, the tides of intuition and sense. Dive deep and mediate the volatility of a Scorpio eclipse with the Piscean capacity to integrate all things and dream a new vision.

The eclipse occurs in the sphere of journeys: philosophy, higher learning, travel and international matters. Pisces who are studying or traveling should anticipate unexpected and intense experiences/discoveries that challenge and perhaps change, the individual’s viewpoint on self, the way of thinking about the world and of course, how Pisces feels about the world. Your philosophy and learning could be confronted by matters of a deeply moving, impassioned nature, thinking takes a decidedly darker turn, we could even hear soft Pisces sounding more like sardonic Scorpio – hard-nosed, intense, incisive and moody. Scorpio forms harmonious aspect to your sign, so although the experience is intense, overall this transit will stimulate your ideas and philosophy rather than obstruct it.

Aries -You’re an Aries, you can handle anything right? You are ruled by Mars, as Scorpio is, so what could possibly go wrong? The difference, dear Ram, is that while you use Mars to overcome any obstacle and to feed your intense and insurmountable energy, Scorpio uses Mars like iron, to cut, expose and release. The eclipse occurs in the house of shared resources, sexuality,  death and taxes.

If you have been hiding stuff, check how well you’ve hidden it and maybe go bury it in a different spot. You will be forced to acknowledge the limitations of shared resources, whether they be financial or resources of another kind, to re-examine them in the light of new information which exposes hidden facts, feelings and actions.  If you have unpaid debts, count on them being called in.

Taurus you can manage this, you can ride all the chaos energy with your enormous strength. This is the crisis-change you have been seeking for sometime. You haven’t been able to defeat your problem by pure stubbornness. This eclipse antagonises your sun, it makes you uncomfortable – but each opposing sign contains a grain of the other. Find in all this Scorpio overload the same determination you find familiar; expressed instead as rapid and revolutionary change, the necessary shedding of old skin.

The eclipse is activating the domain of long-term partnerships/friendships – business and formalised romantic relationships (marriage/de-facto) and known enemies. You may run into some blockages and find the significant other you are dealing with particularly inflexible, especially if that person has authority in the situation. Both Sun and Moon (the dominant and receptive persons) have to consider the purpose and history of the relationship and the possibility for new viewpoints and ideas to be exposed and made use of. Conversations will cut to the bone, leaving no stone unturned. Lines are drawn. The lesson of Scorpio is that knowing where you stand – no matter how uncomfortable – is knowing the extent of your power to master yourself (and others.) Use Scorpio strategy to expose and master any conflicts you may be facing.

Gemini – you are so changeable you will just clap your hands and say “ooh! fun!” amidst all this chaos. But not so fast, your ruler – Mercury – is having to face up to Saturn and the Sun and the Moon in SCORPIO. Things are not so light and playful as they normally are, eh? Your sparkling brilliance is forced to delve deeper, to use reserves of energy in a steady manner – like air – so you can return to the surface, wiser, more insightful and perhaps a little more serious. Temporarily.

The eclipse occurs in the domain of your day-to-day life, routine, health and (weirdly) pets. On the job some uncomfortable truths may be exposed, you may run into a bit of a wall with authorities and find your usually voluble speech and activity forced to a sudden stop. While all this Scorpio energy boils away you need to wait and observe. You need to analyse people’s motivations, consider power dynamics and then incorporate that into a STRATEGY for managing the situation. Think like a Scorpio – strategise and manage whatever surprises enter this realm of your life using your sparkling intellect – just slow it down, watch and wait.

Cancer – you are a watery sign, and adept at managing, retreating and conserving energy while still keeping in touch with sense and feeling. This eclipse will be less disquieting to you than the other water sign, Pisces, but the volatile and intense aspects may be confronting to your native desire for stability and peace.

The eclipse occurs in your house of romance, children and creativity. You will be confronted with some uncomfortable truths and circumstances in your love affairs/parenting issues. Painful revelations may arise forcing you to take decisive action to mitigate the fallout. You will be called on to play the parent role, to make responsible and weighty choices because others have surrendered their responsibilities.  Others may find romances solidify, terms are defined and the needs of the parties are negotiated, acknowledged and resolved into a new agreement.

Leo is used to being Lord and Master, and because you are usually so delightful – and good-looking – the cosmos is usually willing to concede the point. However, this eclipse demands, nay compels, your attention – at home, with family and matters of heritage. Those skeletons in your closet are rattling bones and memories from deep within under the influence of Scorpio’s penetrative gaze. Saturn brings your attention to these deeper matters of ancestral identity, your roots and place of retreat. Mercury requires you to think and examine these matters deeply, how it affects you emotionally and how it helps you shape your identity. A long established matter of conflict can no longer be kept under wraps and requires skilful handling to end in resolution (the ultimate aim of Scorpio) and not in frustration. Feelings and identity, roles – within the family & at home – may become more concrete, roles are more defined following the forced re-assessment this eclipse brings. Some Leos may see this eclipse effecting real estate and investment matters.

Virgo – as we said earlier, this is not much fun for you mainly because everything is intense and exposed. It’s a time of vocal emotional expression as Scorpio forces us to confront matters explicitly and immediately, without hesitation and with little time to analyse – and how Virgo wants to analyse things 10 times before making a decision! That option is not available right now and no, complaints are not being accepted. Issues that are normally hidden in the depths  are forced to the light, Mercury wants to talk about it, Saturn slows things down a little but also forces Virgo to see that this is a reality. Moon makes feelings present and tangible.

Occurring in the domain of communications, siblings, and your immediate environment the eclipse finds you communicating in an uncharacteristically abrasive and intense manner. You may give the impression of severity and incisiveness and volatile moodiness in your speech. Take care to review your communiques and that in your Virgoan search for precision you are not inadvertently caustic. Matters with siblings may come to a head, issues that have remained undiscussed for a long time could surface, requiring a sincere attempt to find a resolution that is also sensitive to the volatility and pain that laces the situation. You have the power to speak to the heart of a matter, sharply and irrefutably, but you also have the responsibility to use your Virgoan sensitivity to ensure you don’t cut the other party to the quick.

Libra loves harmony, balance, gentleness and meeting everyone’s needs, fairly and equitably. The Libran grace and tact is sorely challenged by the Scorpio demand for ultimate truth, mastery and power at all costs.

This eclipse is challenging your essential values, material resources and assets. It brings a forced reassessment of what is important to you essentially, the values that guide your life and shape your behaviour. As Libra is always assessing and re-assessing her values for scrupulous fairness anyhow, it is likely you will find something you held as important for some time, exploded and exposed in an unexpected way. Your material resources need to be investigated and considered too; you may find things are not unfolding as expected and what you had previously counted on to see you through runs into problems.  You are entering a phase where you are required to critically and unrelentingly face your values, challenge, pull them apart and rebuild them for the next phase of your adventure. Now is not about delicate adjustment, now is the time for aggressive investigation of what really matters to you, pulling it apart and discarding what is no longer of use. What is useful harmonise into a new idea and concept of values, Scorpio rebirth, Libra style.

 Asha Maria –

9 thoughts on “Ye Goddess! It’s another goshdarn eclipse – and it’s in Scorpio!!!

  1. OK I’m in! This is an old blog, from when I was teaching English. I was chatting to you today in faceyspace 🙂
    Sooooo I went to and looked at my chart and the sun seems to be in Scorpio, but I still don’t know what house thats in?
    Looking forward to your post re: houses & aspects
    Blessed be )o(
    Karyn (Kutjupa)


    1. Hi Kutjupa,

      Thanks for the facey chat and your comments.
      The house starts at the AC point, this is the beginning of the first house, the chart is then divided into hours like a clock, these are the 12 houses.

      Because you are a Sagittarius, the Scorpio is in your solar 12th house, the unconscious, psychic, intuitive and the hidden. It’s basically a psychic dredge. Rest, reflect and let it unfold.

      Follow to keep up to date,



  2. Ok so the little green sun symbol is in my 7th house, so thateans it affects my marriage/relationship/other people. Also it’s in Scorpio. It’s right in the mddle of both so I guess even tho the eclipse was last week, it’s probably still about right. My partner is a Scorpio and it was a life/death crisis leading to a complete life transformation. Luckily my suns in sag, with aquarius mid heaven so as intense as it was I could sit back and watch with an element of curiosity. I did indeed notice for at least a week in advance that ppl were going batty. 3 days before the eclipse I had an emotional melt down about some relationship issues that I felt I was pretending and could no longer going on faking it. Secrets revealed, BS exposed. I’m not sure I fully understand all the implications of what’s going to happen next but some major evolution seems to have occurred.


    1. Hi! Yes, the 7th house is long-term relationships, including formalised domestic partnerships, legal matters and open enemies. Any conflicts on foot would have been escalated and some cold hard realistic analysis of what you are doing (sun) and what you feel or instinctually do (moon) would have been prime themes for you.

      For your partner this also marks a Solar Return, or Solar New Year where this aspect plays out over the year – it will be a year of complete reconstruction after some hard assessment. Scorpio, phoenix like, always rises from the ashes. He just has to be careful to channel that Saturn energy for steady, measured change not lean too far into severity and extremes.

      Scorpio intensifies everything and the eclipse effect is at least one week either side of the event. Building up before, crisis and development. If the eclipse aspects major points or planets in your chart, the effect will be felt for 3 to 6 months as the reassessment and reconstruction continues.



  3. Si! Luz!
    Wow it certainly was a very interesting time and so glad for the full moon in Taurus tonight, settling everything down again. Two weeks ago I was selling up and moving to an island! haha, now just going to stay put after all, well at least for another couple of years or so.
    Even knowing what was happening, riding the wave was fully intense over here in this Saggi/Scorp/Taurean(bubba) household!
    Thank you for your guidance.
    I look forward to more.
    Can you tell me please how are you selecting the ascendant & children’s readings? Is it random or related to someone / something in particular?


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