Baby Stars – The Child with a Gemini Ascendant


The Gemini Ascendant Child  –

These sparkling, giggling, chatty little ones are constantly exercising the power of voice because it’s fun. Usually very bright these she uses clever words to adeptly manage you, the entertainment. You think the usual 3-year old ‘why?” to everything is annoying? Gemini Ascendant children do not grow out of this and get worse the more you say. They grow up wondering why they were constantly told to be quiet when their other siblings never were told ‘ Will you JUST STOP TALKING!’

The Ascendant sign is the mask we wear when we greet the world and the filter through which we view the events of our life’s journey. Gemini Ascendant folk meet the world with child-like curiosity and an insatiable desire to make friends with everyone and find out everything – preferably all at once.

Full of jokes and fine wordplay, often lost in fits of giggles, she has plenty of friends, knows everyone and all about them. She also has the charming habit of happily relating the personal narratives of everyone she knows to everyone else, both acquaintances and strangers. Watch your mouth! – she has the inside scoop to the family secrets and selectively reveals information to grandparents, school teachers and the like for maximum leverage at home. They are the natural trash journalist and retell the juiciest version of any story to anyone who is willing to listen. This is not to say Gemini Asc children lie, rather they love stories so much that sometimes you may need to do the fact checking for them.

My child has a Gemini Ascendant…here’s a few examples of Gemini Ascendant in all her child-like caprice:
“Mummy, how many boys have you kissed. 5? 40? Ah, 125, right? I’ll tell Grandma next time I see her.”
This comforting information was imparted to me as she was nodding off to sleep. What the heck? How does she manage hilarious, cute, espionage and cheeky threat in just one sentence? Worth noting, Grandma is a Baptist and I refuse to acknowledge which number is most accurate.

At said Grandma’s birthday dinner she surprisingly pulled out an evening purse full of change and informed everyone she had collected it from Mumma and friend for swearing – both of which until that point had been secrets. She then handed out coins to everyone but me, until ‘You have learnt not to say bad words.’ She looked very satisfied, imitating my grown-up smugness and also the delight of simultaneously horrifying and entertaining a table of 10 people with her unique piece of knowledge.

These Ascendant children constantly interrupt with questions, ideas and opinions. It’s so cute for 2 hours! But at the 2.5 hour mark you may be rocking in the corner with your fingers in your ears. Left to unfold without the crushing bigotry of adults, Gemini Ascendant children are happy little creatures, quirky, funny and engaged. Generally socially confident unless there are strong water sign aspects, a Gemini ascendant can greatly assist shy Pisces and Virgo children to engage with classmates confidently and provide some optimism when things feel overwhelming . When they are unhappy, they are quiet, fret and become extremely disordered.

Fill her cup by:

  • reading lots of books – on many different subjects and styles,  particularly rhyming and joke books.
  • more play dates than most children, she is rarely happy playing alone (Pisces elements can augment this)
  • physical activities that involve others – club sports and playgrounds are essential.
  • take time to just chat, giving her deeper bits of information in very short bites
  • writing activities and puzzles
  • songs, poetry and wordplay
  • recognise her need to speak and articulate her experience above other senses. Learn to enjoy the talk, it’s her way of saying ‘you are important to me! Listen to what I just thought of!”

Support her by:

  • Being present with her senses when her thinking goes too fast
  • Encouraging her to finish and order her tasks – not just create things
  • To know clearly when her jitterbug ways are fine and when she must remain still
  • To let others speak and take turns
  • To feel not just think
  • Steer her away from technology and apply that brain to communicating with animals, plants and other small friends.

How she will challenge you:

  • By arguing about behaviour: she can refute anything after a certain age and tire you by profusion of ideas.
  • Encourage the know-it-all attitude to become I-want-to-know-it-all – ‘Ok, let’s check that later’ (and make a list because she will remind you). And she also may know better. So don’t gloat if you win one round or sulk when you lose the next 10.
  • Provide emotional support as gentle, firm direction – she isn’t grounded, so you need to be.
  • Watch what you say , she listens more than most children and warning: She will repeat it! (And knows where you least want that info to end up)
  • She is easily distracted, you need to model focus and consistency. (Let me know how you manage that one eh?)


  • Ruled by Mercury
  • Element of Air


  • Intellectual activity, speech, voice, curiosity
  • Communication, writing, immediate environment (3rd House)
  • Siblings, best friends

The Ascendant:

  • The doorway through which we receive & interpret the world
  • our personal sunrise – the first face we show to others
  • the persona, appearance, first impression
  • As important as the Sun sign, especially when ‘weighted’ with significant planets or points


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