The Lord of Love ~ The 2 of Cups

2 cupsThe Lord of Love brings us sweetness,
lovely connection to others &
simple pleasure

2 Cups of sweetest water overflow – no bitterness has entered.
Water rushes forth in perfect balance, crystal clear and nourishing.
Flowing from the source of love (The Lotus – also the Ace of Cups),
Love is recognised and realised by the presence of the ‘other’ to receive it.

When this card arrives we know we are experiencing a period of heart-sweetness, peace and enjoyment. In gentle friendship or dreamy romance – here are the powers of harmony, comfort and contentment. An elegant comfort, a love that generates a delicate and pleasing phase of creativity. Love in the 2 of Cups is not just romantic, it is stabilising and fulfilling. The shadow side of this card is letting ourselves get too comfortable in a relationship to take risks and grow.

Keys to Understanding this Card:

The 2 of Cups is ruled by Venus [Harmony, beauty, love and pleasure]
in the sign of Cancer [comfort, security, mother-love, nourishment]

Astrological:  Venus in Cancer
Suit:                   Cups – personal relationships, love, creativity, feeling
Number:          2 – Manifestation in it’s first phase, you and the ‘other’

“The Universe is Divided for Love’s Sake – For the Chance of Union”
– A.E. Crowley

6 thoughts on “The Lord of Love ~ The 2 of Cups

  1. Reblogged this on the existential astrologer : asha maria and commented:

    Venus is now in Cancer – we are more generous with our heart and want to spoil our beloveds with cuddles, time at home and tenderness. Romance isn’t fierce and mysterious right now, so much as nostalgic, familiar and comforting. Venus in Cancer is the designation given to the 2 of Cups. ♡ Asha Maria


    1. The 3 represents the first stable form.
      1 – The Point. The Seed of Energy. Pure and Unmanifested.
      2 – Duality – Reflection – 2 points joined by a line
      3. The First stable expression of the force represented in geometry by a flat shape. The strongest shape is a triangle…we get an idea that the 3 makes a shape to hold the force of the element, it makes that force more real and significant (wands, cups, swords or pentacles).
      Ace of Cups – The fountain of Divine Love, Heart connectedness, Source
      2 of Cups – Love & Relationship with another, harmony, shared point of view etc
      3 of Cups – Now we rejoice, something has been made, but it’s still new and fresh. It hasn’t become static or faced any challenges. We see the foundation of something beautiful developing.

      All the 3s represent the principle of a definite beginning to something real, a solid foundation but not a rigid form. The 4s introduce to us security and stability but this in turn leads to rigidity. Rigid things don’t survive the constant process of decay, change and transformation that is Life. So although the 4 is more solid and tangible it is in the long run less secure, as it is not dynamic. The three is a very creative and dynamic number. I hope that helps!

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  2. It helps a whole bunch! Thank you so much. My personal numerology number last year was 2. Which means the year before that, 2013, it was one. I asked for someone to be brought into my life and he was. The following year, when my number was two, I finally met him in the physical. This year, my number is 3 and I feel everything you’re describing. I feel soon I will be rejoicing, that something beautiful is about to begin. I find this number business rather magical. Thank you for telling me more about 3.


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