Moon in Pisces…Yearning Sighs

MoonThe moon is in delicate, dreamy, deep Pisces for a few more hours. I’ve been kissed by this delicious moon and been a little too dreamy to write about it, but it’s so sweet and creative I had to tell you. It falls in my 5th house so I just want to enjoy, create, socialise…

The waxing moon in Pisces brings awareness of a growing yearning, welling up from the unconscious sea. This is a moon of hope and gentle contemplation, sweet feeling, tranquil dreaming, resting in each other. When the moon is in Pisces our emotions are very easily moved, and wounded. Intensity of any kind is particularly painful; grating against our vulnerability and need to retire and contemplate right now. if we are un-partnered, we may become more acutely aware of our need for connection – the sense of solitude can be exaggerated and even overwhelming.

If you have any significant points in Pisces (Sun [self, ego], Moon [instinct, senses, feeling] or Ascendant[way you view the world, and how you engage with it]) you will experience this more intensely.

May your Pisces Moon experience be sweet, restful and pleasantly dreamy. If you are overwhelmed by your heart and feelings, may you dive deep and experience the beauty of something infinite, that touches all the world and that is bigger than anything else on Earth. Go paint or dream – and be gentle with yourself.



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