The Nostalgic Drunk-Dial – Retro Venus and New Moon in Capricorn

New Year 2014 – New Moon and Venus Retro in Capricorn

ImageIt’s the end of 2013… and time to review and focus on our direction with both Venus and the New Moon in Practi-Capricorn on New Year’s Day. It’s time to review our position in the world, ambition and reputation. How do we feel about this, emotionally and intuitively? (Venus and Moon). We are thinking about our vocation, our calling rather than our day job – are we really satisfied? Is there a longing for more?  Or we may pause to reflect and assess what worked and didn’t and build on whatever happened for you in 2013.

The New moon is the lunar phase where we plant seeds we hope to see bear fruit at the Capricorn Full Moon (Julyish). Venus is also in Capricorn – for an unusually extended period. She turned retrograde on December 21, only going direct again on Jan 31. She dallies in the sign for a while longer than that. (Normally Venus is in one sign for a matter of weeks.)

When Venus is retrograde we re-examine our values and love relationships in light of how it is working for us, what kind of long-term strategic value relationships have and whether we really want what we have, or something else altogether. First let’s look at Capricorn…

Capricorn is about building with a view to establishing security and power.
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – time, hard work, resources, structure.

Capricorn is a businessman above all; ever the risk-averse investor she sees relationships like businesses too. They are a supply of necessary energy, a well of affection that makes living possible – the essentials, money and emotional intimacy, are understood as necessary to ‘success’ and Venus rules both. Combined with the New Moon in the same sign, this is felt intensely, even to a crisis point, over the New Year period. We feel both vulnerable AND pragmatic. There’s also that Jupiter/Uranus/Mars/Pluto grande cross for those interested

Venus in Capricorn – The 10-step Plan to Finding Appropriate Love (with Quarterly Review.)

When Venus falls in this sign we all start to think about love and comfort like a Capricorn (the sphere of life it plays out in depends on the House which Capricorn rules in your chart). Capricorns usually have happy functional, long-term relationships because when their heart broke the first time, they started a 10 step plan as to how to make this heart thing work – so they never lose control like that again.

The archetypical Capricorn doesn’t cope well with flings, free-love or ‘friendship’ – (Aqua and Archers, unless you’ve got a lotta Saturn going on forget it, your explanations will only make things worse). But don’t deride the lack of misty-eyed romanticism – while you’re chasing after the next impossible dream he is resolutely single because the suitable party has not yet arrived and anything else is a waste of energy. Romance might feel good but in the end it just drains resources. We all have a touch of this pragmatism at the moment. You roll over, look at him and think…”oh dear, can I really do this for another year?” – I mean the relationship, not the boy. Is it giving more than it takes from you? Or are you frittering away your resources on something you don’t really want anyhow?

When Venus goes Retro (backwards from the perspective of the Earth) we go into romantic review mode.  Venus started going over old ground on Dec 21, 2013 causing many of us to review the love escapades of 2013, or lack of; what worked, what didn’t and perhaps begin to unearth why. This isn’t self-castigating Piscean reflection or Aquarian abstraction, but analysis with the aim of restructuring for the future and building something meaningful (when Venus goes direct January 31).

The chance of the nostalgic and inappropriate drunk dial early New Years Day increases significantly.

You may be longing for an old flame who reappears and shakes you up all over again… is Mr Now Mr Right for the foreseeable or Mr Happened-To-Be-Around-At-The-Time? Lovers are distant, preoccupied – you find yourself being hard-headed as you privately mull over your relationships and consider whether this particular affair will give to your reputation and home life. The more sentimentally inclined may be shocked to find themselves considering relationships as an exchange. Which is what they are of course, this view just doesn’t sell as many engagement rings or Hallmark cards (or feed so many heartbreaks, misguided decision making and unfulfilling romantic nonsense..ahem )

It’s time to get yourself together and think about what it is you want –marriage, hearth and home or is it best to be real, and accept though it’s lonely sometimes you are better off being honest and claiming permanent bachelorhood. Some people should be monogamous and committed, some are happiest single, others are happier mixing it up. It’s kind of like an orientation, just relational. It’s time to come out romantically. It doesn’t matter what or whom you’re into, but if we’re honest we know our resources and our essential nature and then we can do something constructive with it.

If we do otherwise, for whatever reason, we are betraying our responsibilities to ourselves and others. Bad move. Who wants a sniping, stifling, safe cocoon of doom when you can be truthful and free? And by safe, I mean whatever is most comforting and easy (Venus) for you, vs. your instinctive self (New Moon) knows to be true. Resources, responsibilities, capacities, the long-term view, sensible, appropriate behaviour and REALISM – that’s what this Venus/Moon restructure is all about. Ah Capricorn.

Misunderstandings in these transits are common so remember that this is a REVIEW period, the restructuring can start slowly after Jan 31, 2014 when Venus goes direct. We start to see this work bear fruit after March 4, 2014 when Venus leaves the ‘shadow’ of her steps she went over in the previous 10 weeks. Beware of a sense of throwing it all over at once, there are romantically wounded feelings that go right back to early-life stuff/home with this particular transit.  This is Capricorn thoroughness frustrated with the moody confusion of Venus sensibility (and New Moon just confuses and intensifies things further). The idea is to do a careful and sober assessment, plan and wait.

Use your Venus Retro period for evaluation and the New Moon in Capricorn to plant the seeds for a prosperous and driven 2014. Put in the work now – the honesty and painful assessment will be worthwhile.
It’s ok to go after what you want, just take the time to work out what it is first.

NB: For the Astro student – Venus is more than love. She speaks of physical things, the body, senses, pleasure. So it may be that you need to kick whatever it is you are using to comfort yourself – not just co-dependent romance, but alcohol, sex, drugs, procrastination, whatever is overwhelming your pleasure centres and getting in the way of action.

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