Venus and Mars behaving strangely

Venus in CapricornI’m back from a little hiatus as I continued on my Saturn Return journey; returning to origins, confronting limitations and generally learning some lessons about strength, resources, limits and restrictions. Throw into that an ultra-moody Full Moon in Cancer  and the Grande Cross exact on January 8 and there was a whole lot of wildness going on…no it wasn’t just you! The astro stuff has been nuts and if you’re even slightly attuned no doubt you’ve been feeling it. And did I need to remind you Venus is Still Retro in Capricorn until Jan 31 (relationships in review) and Mars is in Libra (the warrior tries to be diplomatic)  for an extended stay? With all this going on it hasn’t been a particularly fun time – but it has been a time of growth, exposure of long-term tensions and catalytic chaos – change as the old adage says, is as good as a holiday. Not really. It’s a lot less pleasant for one thing. But it’s necessary. (In this case it may be more akin to having a bad tooth pulled – it can really hurt but avoiding sepsis is always a good thing.)

Venus is normally the great diplomat with her charm and sweet words but she’s all critical and 8 swordswithdrawn in Capricorn, going backwards. Mars, the warrior, has to learn someone else’s language and broker peace instead of drawing swords and having it out cleanly and quickly. The Grande Cross is functioning to hold everything in a kind of tense stasis with Jupiter (increase), Uranus (eccentric disruption), Pluto (power and destruction) and Mars (the warrior) all in tense aspect to each other.  This is a time when – despite or because of the volatility – we are encouraged to be both tacit in emotional expression (Venus in Capricorn, retrograde) and restrain an instinctive fighting response and play diplomat (Mars in Libra). This is not a dynamic or comfortable position for either Venus or Mars (he’s at his weakest spot in the zodiac actually) – but much can be learnt from observing how mitigating our emotional and defensive responses in the face of an attack effects and then changes us.

Venus in Capricorn, retrograde forces us to consider our needs in relationships, how to have healthy boundaries between ‘them’ and me. If there are any dysfunctional relationships in your sphere at the moment, defining boundaries politely but firmly (Venus in Capricorn) may then require you to go all Mars in Libra. That is, armed but diplomatic in order to diffuse an all out nuclear apocalypse. Is it grating on you? Does it feel unjust? Do you just want to bust out, let out a war cry and avenge yourself? Not this round. Mars, your warrior-self must both defend, set limits without raising your voice in futile self-defence or resorting to violence.  Things won’t be sorted for a while…as the Grande Cross aspect reconfigures a few more times before it breaks up.

Do the work and reap the rewards or enjoy it hanging over your head, unresolved, threatening you like some kind of astrological Damoclean sword.
Another lesson from this tricky phase is that we can review and draw those boundaries, we can play diplomat but eventually such things are futile and some forces do not respond to discretion or consideration and are best left to play themselves out. Do what you can then duck and cover.

Venus returns in all her loveliness to normal movement from Jan 31, staying in Capricorn for another month before she saunters into Aquarius on March 6th. By then the sun is in gentle Pisces and Mercury too – there will be a softening of tensions on the personal front if not in the areas of greater life matters (outer planets).

~ Love ~

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