Super New Moon in Aquarius – The Cosmic Week Ahead

ThothTarot-StarIt’s a Super Moon month – a rare event – 2 Dark Moons in one month.

What does it all mean? Traditionally, full moon is the phase of the month where our efforts bear fruit – for good or evil. The New Moon or Dark Moon is when we plant seeds for the next phase. If we work with the Moon’s phases intentionally we can discover a way to make the days meaningful, to plan and structure our experiences symbolically, a little more poetically – not just according to work, appointments and other arbitrary chopped-up bits of time.

Anyone can watch the moon wax and wane without specialist astronomical knowledge.  It’s a beautiful way to observe your life unfold – to have set phases for new beginnings, taking action, adjusting perspective, culmination/revelation, communicating understanding, analysis and reflection and letting go
Does it matter whether this is all sciency? Not really. It still has meaning though, doesn’t it?
A little kind of ritual, a moment between you and the sky – like every ancestor before you…

2 New Moons in one month means a lot is happening – you get 2 chances to get things moving this month, so have your plans in order. For small projects, you see the fruits at the full moon in 2 weeks time. If it’s a bigger project, the full moon in the same sign will bring you a result.

For the New Moon in Capricorn (Jan 1, 2014 ) the full moon culmination is July 12, 2014 and for this Aqua New Moon, the culminating Full Moon in Aqua is August 10, 2014.

The New Moon is in Aquarius this afternoon – it’s a time for thinking about community, friends and the future, the unusual and the innovative. If you have any projects of this kind, especially if you plan to achieve these with a group, now is the time to take action. If you have been avoiding matters in this area of life, be assured the New Moon will make you focus.

The Sun is in Aquarius – And all the Aquarians and things Aquarian become a little bit more noticeable. At this time of the year we say that there is an emphasis on group events, friendships, the innovative or unusual and humanitarian concerns. Even the conventi0nal are more likely to behave unconventionally, pursuing the quirky and the odd. We desire to free ourselves of form and ‘proper’ behaviour. It’s the time of year where we all get a little tree-hugging hippy and a little less Soccer-Mum (Capricorn). We wish to be free, to be ourselves, more than we wish to keep ourselves safe and predictably comfortable.

Mercury in Aquarius until Jan 31 the quick witted, silver-tongued, cheeky trouble-maker Mercury has been in Aqua for about 20 days. We got all obsessed about finding out everything about everything, especially new, novel, innovative or odd ideas. From Feb 1 Mercury scoots into Piscesour speech and communication slows down a lot, we want to think about the undefined, the mystic and the creative. Writing and verbal expression is more lyrical and intuitive and we are less likely to speak roughly or hastily. This is a good time for any endeavour where you need to speak gently. Beware imprecision in word, spoken and written. There may be a feeling of mental fuzziness and vagueness…

Venus goes direct Jan 31 – After about 6 weeks of going retro in Capricorn Venus finally moves forward again. The reviews and revisions we undertook in our romantic lives, relationships and values area of our lives now shifts to taking action based on these assessments. Capricorn is all about properly planned and results-oriented choices. What relationships can do for you and whether they are leading ‘somewhere’ – whatever ‘somewhere’ means for you.

Mars is still having a hard time in Libra – and poor guy, he has to stay there until July 25, 2014. Mars is not comfortable in Libra. He has to be diplomatic instead of resolving things like he usually does, forcibly. You may be frustrated getting anything off the ground and find all your energy and ambition is forced to move at a more considerate pace. Because Libra is the sign of partnership our actions must take into account other parties affected (even when this seems like sensitive-New-Age overkill). Aries sun people may find this phase particularly frustrating – Mars is your ruler.

So, there’s a little info about the week ahead, but what will your year will bring you? Curious about what your Saturn Return means for you? email me to organise an original Solar Return Chart interpretation  or Transit Reading  – all you need is your birthdate, birth time and place. [P.S A chart can still be drawn without your birth time – just in case your Mum can’t remember. ]

~ Love ~

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