Self-Centred Feeling – Waxing Moon in Aries

Aries Moon

The Moon is now in Aries – time to work on your needs, ambitions and goals. Take care not to be emotionally fickle and insensitive or feel needled by other’s apparent indifference to you. This moon brings a call to see to your needs first which is perfectly healthy and necessary – just take care that you are self-centred, not selfish. Aries Moon phases can bring the risk of emotional aggression.

The Moon is Waxing supporting any effort to build and develop. Aries is all about taking charge, thinking about your needs and doing something about it.  Put the Aries drive into kicking off those projects you seeded on the New Moon, Jan 31. The Moon changes signs to Taurus on Feb 5.

♥ Asha

Depending on your own CosmicBluePrint each planetary event will impact you differently – some will experience the Aries moon constructively, a release of inhibition and a period of emotional confidence. Others may experience the Aries Moon in emotional conflict or disinterestedness from close ones. To understand more about your astrological make up, contact me for a consultation or the CosmicBluePrint report – learn more about your powers and capacities.

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