Fishy Thinking – Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

mercury argus

The Gentle seas of Pisces received the high-speed Mercury on January 31. After racing through Aquarius making us busy with intellectual games, inquisitive and innovative thinking, Mercury has come to float for a while, taking us deeper into the Alma Mundi or World Soul. The sea and the fishes are the totems of the sign that contains all others and a little more besides; Pisces. Mercury communicates, interpreting with skill and intelligence. As he speeds through each Astrological house he brings to our conscious attention the lessons of that sign.  He has arrived in Pisces to teach us about the deep, inner world.

Mercury now turns our mind to the Collective Unconscious; our deeper self and mystic side of things. We leave behind Aquarian curiosity and begin to think intuitively and listen to impulses welling up from within. The Piscean Seas touch all the World and Mercury in the sign of the Fishes then connects us to all other souls, anywhere, perhaps, any time. The psychically sensitive may notice the doors to the otherworld dissolving, limits dissolving all into the limitless. Our mind retreats to the world of illusion & phosphorescence, dreaming, the unconscious life; dreams get decidedly weirder, nightmarish and ethereal. Just remember that both monsters and beautiful mysteries have something to teach us, if we take retreat to consider them fully.

The Stationary/Retrograde period commences on February 6.  Mercury retrograde usually heralds a period of frustrating communication. Traditionally Astrologers strongly advise you not to sign anything of importance, commit to any project or make serious acquisitions if you can avoid it. We tend to be less willing to communicate too, everyone gets a little bit introverted and reflective. If we think about a retrograde period as a time of turning inwards (and the retrograde Planet determines which part of our psyche turns inward) – Mercury retro takes us inward for a period of self-analysis, mental introspection and quietude. The quiet, reflective aspect of the Mercury retrograde pulls us away from excess communication to consider our deeper impulses and spiritual imperatives.

Mercury Retrograde periods are notorious for misunderstandings and communication stuff-ups. He is The Trickster after all. We have a potentially messy situation with the combination of Retrograde; inversion, retreat, reflection; with Pisces diffusion & fantasy and the ruling planet of Pisces, Neptune, also in the sign. Being duped or deluded with formal agreements, communication confusion and misunderstandings is likely. If you are aware of this tendency you may be able to head this off at the pass to some degree.

Use this transit to reflect on your inner needs, spiritual perspectives and your connectedness to the All. Write, create and give yourself space. Marvel at what comes out of the depths of the unconscious and keep a journal – it may help you unravel the mysteries of things both weird and beautiful.

Mercury will return to Aquarius on February 12 as part of his backward motion, revisiting lessons from the end of January and bringing further information on anything our curiosity uncovered at that time. He then moves direct on February 28th, this final phase of the retrograde period is the analysis phase, we go over the same ground for the 3rd time – hopefully we finally get whatever lesson it is this Mercury Retro period is about!

~ Love Asha

Not sure what sign Mercury was blazing through when you were born? Cast your chart for free here . Order your personalised birth report, the Cosmic Blue Print or book a consultation (either online or in person) to learn more about your communication style.   

My Mercury retro period will go from my  Aqua 4th house (security, house, family origins) into my 5th house – Pisces, (love relationships, children and creativity,) and then run back into Aqua again- where my Sun lives. Then forward again into the 5th house. I may experience this as a delay on developments to do with creativity and pleasurable activities, and the need to go back and look at my Sun/Self, what I really think, my ego need. Thus I may be able to solve questions or overcome obstacles this Mercury transit raises for me.

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