Sparkly Shimmery Moon in Gemini

73017_castor-and-polluxWhen the Moon enters the sign of the Twins our feelings flicker and sparkle – perhaps a little capriciously. We’ve just had a steady 2 days of Taurus power for the lunar cycle – the holding, nurturing, developing phase of the month. The current shifts again and after comfort and rest it is now time to gather information; and meet with others to network and share knowledge. The sparkling, fractured Gemini energy is not generally good for serious decision making. Now is time to find out what you can, check in with close friends for their point of view, bounce ideas off each other. Save the decision making for some other time if you can help it! You’ve heard that Gemini has a reputation for fickleness? Leap now and you may regret it. Our instincts are least reliable under a Gemini Moon, it’s a restless time. If you worked with the New Moon in Aquarius with intention, now is the time to chat about the first fruits of your labours and seek some other perspectives. Acknowledge and be present with changing feelings, but observe – suspending judgement until you have had pause for reflection. The Moon is still waxing, growing to full – energy is building and supports development in action.

Born with Gemini Moon? Gemini has a reputation for lightness and changeability – but instead of 2-facedness think more of a thousand faceted mirrors all sparkling at once and changing constantly; shimmering, delightful and a little confusing. Moon in Gemini natives don’t take things to heart in the same way an intense Scorpio Moon does. Bouts of melancholy and moodiness are rare unless the Moon is ‘afflicted’. Emotional security for Lunar Geminis is achieved through freedom to communicate and socialise; to express themselves through the lense of the intellect – whether telling tall tales, writing poetry or a gossip column; to play, laugh things off and move on. I have met deeply soulful Lunar Geminis – but there was still a certain detachment about them, an ‘I am going to write this all down later’ kind of feeling. For the Lunar Gemini , emotional connection serves a greater, over-arching theme of information gathering and curiosity about human interaction  (and sharing those discoveries with everyone). Gemini Moon can help lighten an otherwise too serious personality with delightful curiosity.
Advice for Lunar Geminis : Be cautious not to treat others too lightly, they may feel more deeply than you do; your detachedness can be received as dismissiveness and cause hurt. Your capacity for lightening a dark mood and looking at the other side of things is your gift to the rest of us ~ Love Asha

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