Snuggle, Cuddle, Retreat: The Moon in Cancer

Sign_of_Zodiac___Cancer_by_IribelThe Moon rules the sign of Cancer – she continues her waxing phase to full, dallying a little while longer before moving to Full in Leo tomorrow evening. The effects of planets and luminaries (Sun, Moon) are most apparent when they transit their own neighbourhood.  Moon in Cancer is traditionally a time when our thoughts turn inward, to family, comfort and home. Emotional connections with close family and especially Mother/Child nurturing dynamics. (Please note, by Mother/Child I mean any relationship between a carer parent and dependant child that reflects these archetypical roles. ‘Mother’ entails more than ‘female parent’, it is not purely a gender defined description but a role; albeit generally performed by the female gender for biological and sociological reasons.)

The Moon has a sacred domain over the Sea and the Creatures therein, the Crab mediates the space between the unconscious depths and the tangible reality of the shore.

The symbol of the Crab – hard outer shell, soft interior reflects this idea of structure (Earth) and fluidity (Water) present in one form. Cancerians generally speaking combine those two elements – tenacious and sensible with bouts of creative lucidity. Guided by a deep intuitive vision, they approach goals indirectly. After assessing all aspects of the matter the Crab somehow snips the goal in her claws – despite moving indirectly the entire time!  Cancerian folks are incredibly nurturing – they all have an inner Nanna, wanting to give you tea, food and a blanket to keep your knees warm.

The moon is waxing to full  ~ the work we seeded at the New Moon (January 31) is fruiting, hanging from the vine almost ripe. Reflect on the events of the Jan 31 / Feb 1 and any work you set out to achieve at that time – what steps did you take to realise your goal? Can you see any pattern in the events of the last 2 weeks in terms of a developing intention, applying willpower and concrete actions taken to realise your plans or – more spiritually – develop consciously.

Enjoy the Moon in Cancer – nurture, rest and reflect before Full Moon Leo-Lunacy tomorrow night!

~ Love Asha

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