Astro ForeCast – Grandiose Feeling – Ambitious Love – And Sulking Mars

Leo lion

The Full Moon puffed up in royal loveliness in Leo yesterday evening. The silver feeling expands, playfully and confidently. We are more inclined to share our feelings publicly and be generous with our heart.  Leo Moon can be kitten-like more than Lion-like – playful, sweet, irresistible and very affectionate; the moon is the other side of everything – The Lion (Sun) and The Kitty (Moon). Leo Moon folks are comfortable with their feelings and feel safest when treated  with generous expressions of love. There can be an insecurity to this aspect too; the need for effusive reassurance and displays of loyalty in order to be secure. (Security, our secret receptive side, emotional needs and strengths are represented by the Moon, it’s sign and aspect in your Birth chart.) I have only encountered one Leo Moon person that did not manifest the typical Lunar Leo traits, but there was hard aspect to Pluto and 8th house – all savagely aspected. Ye more advanced astrologers – I feel you shuddering.

On that note I might add, there are no bad aspects only bad (read recalcitrant) people. Difficult aspects aren’t limited to Pluto conjunct Ascendant Square Sun (ahem) – this can be quite productive. ‘Gentle’ aspects can create weakness too…a tendency to avoid action when it is required or ignore reality, to rest on your laurels. It’s all about how you use what you’ve got and whether you work with it consciously or allow your tendencies to wreak havoc in your life.  

We experience the peak of lunar light now. The sensitive dreamers and visionaries experience the monthly peak in inspiration. The light disturbs usual sleep patterns with it’s silvery-wyrdness; both lighting up and veiling the night. In terms of the monthly cycle of planning the Full Moon point is the peak point of the process of planning, growth, fruition and decrease. The plans we laid at the Aquarius New Moon have developed through Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer to fullness in Leo. If you are working existentially with this cycle observe what comes to fullness and track your journey since Jan 31.

Venus continues her forward motion through Capricornread more here. She is warm and comforting in Capricorn, focused on building solid foundations and reliable routines in which love can unfold for the near future (and perhaps the longer term). Flings do not flourish now, but marriages can if we work with the energies at play.
Mars is still skulking around in Libra uncomfortable being a diplomat and discrete, considerate and fair. Yes, Mars. Mars having to be discreet. If it wasn’t so frustrating it would be quite funny. A little on that here. Mars is in his weakest position. Libra is opposite his kingdom, Aries. He is a warrior disarmed with no battle to go to – so there is less of an emphasis on passion and it’s physical expression, sex. If things are a little ‘meh’ sexually (but otherwise you feel emotionally supported) don’t go picking things apart just yet. There’ll be a few more months of reflection and low-levels of Mars energy until He leaves Libra and heads direct in SCORPIO. This means lots of intense, very specifically sexual, energy. See? Everything balances out. And you will have needed all that rest time of Mars in Retreat to have the strength for Mars in Scorpio.  This is what Mars in Scorpio can look like, doesn’t that look fun?

 And who do you think organised all that nice stuff? Luscious couch, highly qualified hand maidens and cupbearers, garlands etc? Venus in Capricorn. That’s who. It’s not all commitment and relationship discussions. This lady makes it all really nice before she gets all freaky in Aquarius on March 4.

Mercury is still going backwards, so far backwards he’s left Pisces and is zipping around Aquarius…he was in Aquarius in early January so we revisit any Mercury related stuff that came up then – and generally, we’re just thinking those things over, discovering more information and drawing further conclusions. Mercury rules paperwork, communications, all those little niggly bits and pieces that have to be sorted out, words, speech, ideas and knowledge. With the Pisces/Aquarius retrograde movement don’t be surprised if you discover odd, strange, hidden and unexpected bits of information. I’ll be posting more on that today or tomorrow… but here’s the last Mercury Retro Post. it hasn’t gone well in a practical aspect for me, but some interesting things have come up. As it always does in Retro periods. Praise Mercury.

Have fun, make love not war (unless it’s to make up again, then I recommend calculated low-level tantrums),
enjoy, indulge and keep enjoying the stars!

~ Love Asha

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