Delicate Maiden Moon in Virgo

virgo-from-zodiac-series-dorina-costrasTonight the full moon plays the Maiden – sensitive and restrained as she leaves extravagant Leo and enters Virgo. We hesitate to express ourselves unless we are certain we have it quite right. This is a good time of the month to organise things and look at the systems we use to keep our lives flowing smoothly.  In our relationships there is a tendency to be a little more particular than usual, whether that manifests as niggly or delicate is up to you. We take offense easily and withdraw from ostentation. Gross displays of any kind – particularly emotional display – are not well received. The Zodiacal system of philosophy is innately wise. After the grandiosity and emotional roaring of the Leo Moon the Maiden arrives, taming the Lion and restoring order after his rollicking behaviour and exuberant kisses.

The Moon is not technically full anymore…but after the Full Moon Peak and Fruition, Virgo comes modestly treading the moonlight with her note book and charts in hand. She is checking off the boxes; pausing, reflecting, and applying that still, clear mind to the tasks she has planned for the next month. Use this time to do your own checks and balances, take care with your feelings and other’s and look to your health – if you’ve been neglecting yourself Virgo the Sign of the Healer will bring it to your attention, politely.

~ Love Asha  

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