Mercury Retro II: Strange Fish

Mercury & Aeneas - Tiepolo
Mercury & Aeneas – Tiepolo

The Divine Messenger Mercury has been diving in Piscean Seas and now returns to Aquarius with his nets full of strange fish.

He lays out the nets and examines the catch. Aquarian detachment and lateral thinking synthesises the mystic lessons of Pisces and puts them to work – creating a new rational framework to make sense of things. Just to refresh your retrograde-raddled memories, Mercury went retrograde in Pisces last week, Feb 12 (more on that here.) In fact, so far backwards that he is now in Aquarius (the sign before Pisces).

Pisces is the Soul of Love; visions, intuition, psychic* understanding. It symbolises the Sea – the unconscious depths in you that cross over into the infinite well of All. Aquarius is the sign of knowledge, innovation, the unusual and eccentric – think revolutionary social theory, permaculture, clean energy and a spot of vintage shopping and you’ve got the jist. Pisces and Aquarius visited by a backwards Mercury is quite a combination of energies.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (spontaneous, revolutionary change) and Pisces by Neptune (connection to all, the mystic depths). With Mercury (the interpreter and the rational mind) mediating these two energies we have an opportunity for investigating our deepest self – usually beyond our understanding – and making some sense of it. Because Pisces is our Collective Unconscious whatever we find in that Sea is part of everyone else too, somehow. Mercury in this mode uncovers mysteries, finding a new way to make sense of it (and hopefully use it). He then turns direct retracing his steps through Pisces, synthesising the discoveries within ourselves and with the All. The sphere of life in which you do this work depends on the section of your chart that Mercury is moving through.

I’ve been hearing from you all about your sense of containment and gentle distance from those you are most connected to (sexually and/or platonically). Lovers & beloveds have withdrawn into themselves too and are facing with challenges. Parent/child relationships intensify – rather than retreat – because parental love is Piscean in nature (service & devotion rather than feel-good mutual reciprocation.) If your child is struggling in a sea of consuming feeling acknowledge the feeling and longing for reassurance and be incredibly gentle. ‘Be with’ your child and support his overwhelmed senses, finding innovative ways to restructure his beliefs (Pisces) and process whatever has emerged (Aquarius).

Sometimes it is the deepest love connections that release the most frightening things within our psyches. Such loves support us to face what we wouldn’t face alone, before. Perhaps things we’d rather leave there and forget. Love is meant to trigger this release in order to heal our pain. But if we don’t handle it carefully our feelings get too strong and interfere with the wisest course of action.
This Mercury-Pisces-Aquarius-back to -Pisces transit invites you to find the balance between drowning in a sea of nameless feeling and detached analysis of those feelings.

Perspehone from the Underworld guided by PsychopomposYou may be revisiting past pain – viscerally through your senses or walking it again in haunting dreams. Our Mercury function – the rational mind – often acts as a guard against strong feelings; whisking them away, abstracting them to a concept before it hurts too much. But at some point we have to live out our experiences. Transits which touch our personal planets bring this to us; especially in the water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio). Pisces, which is all senses and feeling, makes us live out the emotions we pushed to the side with our rational mind (Mercury). Such things must be lived at some point. We may be brought back to a place of pain and suffering; but ultimately these transits can bring catharsis and healing. Salt water cleans wounds, even old ones.

Now that Mercury has dragged his nets back into Aquarius you have the mental power to do the analysis and find some rational explanations.  But without examining them, (Aquarius), we cannot continue on our journey towards balance and self-construction. If this has been your Mercury Retro journey, he will bring the information and understanding you need to heal, or at least find acceptance.

 The sign of Pisces is associated with Christ and the Crucifixion: compassion, suffering, surrender and through it all, hope. Whether suffering is a voluntary sacrifice or a senseless martyrdom is up to you; surrendering to what is greater than you doesn’t have to mean weak passivity. The lesson of Pisces is to relinquish control and dissolve into the All. That which is immutable within us is revealed. What is ours and what belongs to others becomes clear- and thus we reclaim our power, based not on control but deep knowing.

 When Mercury turns direct, retracing his steps  first through Aquarius then into Pisces (‘shadow phase’ in Astrospeak). We begin to consciously assimilate the lessons we learned at this time. What was discovered in the unconscious now sits a little more comfortably in the day-light world – integrated first rationally (Aquarius) then psychically* (Pisces).

Those of you who like me, have planets or points in Pisces will be more affected by this transit than others. If you have significant planets or points in Aquarius too the effect will be even stronger. Broadly speaking Aquarius people will experience the Aquarius aspect of this transit more deeply (the researching, rational side of it) and Pisces folks, will have a deeper experience of the intuitive, feeling aspect of this transit. Others may experience this transit as a general period of gentle, sweet reverie. Each transit effects each individually in specific and unique ways because we are all born with our own cosmic blue print which increases our sensitivity to some energies or insulates us from others. Mercury turns direct February 28.

Asha is a Sun Aquarius with Mars & Venus in exact conjunction in Pisces. This means that she thinks Mars & Venus energies are the same thing, preferring to dream and vision than get any actual work done. She has discovered it is easier to work if she does Pisces and Venus things. Consequently any Pisces transit exacerbates these aspects of her nature. This is how transits work, bringing your attention to the part of your birth chart that resonates the strongest with a particular transit. So if you have a whole bunch of Pisces going on in your chart you will have really felt this transit strongly. If you have a big whack of planets in Libra and Aries for example, there is less of an impact. For more info about how this all affects you drop me a line on :

~ Love Asha

* psychic as in psyche not as in mediumistic channelling

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