Moon in Libra – Snap Judgements

LibraThe moon has been in Libra since yesterday. It is time to delicately adjust the balance and restore harmony after the climax of the Leo MoonThe Moon is now transiting Mars who is all confused and frustrated in diplomatic Libra. Sometimes this transit works beautifully – the Moon mediating the drive and vigour of Mars to realise our vision and act upon our feeling. But Mars is all messed up in Libra; sulking, fuming and frustrated. Our emotions burst out – we desperately want justice, fairness and equality from our significant other or the institutions that uphold law – all Libra themes.

Instead of gentle adjustment (Libra ruled by Venus) we make snap(py) judgements (Mars in Libra). Then, realising we are unfair we flick back again. You might feel you are bouncing between two extremes; muddled, hurt and conflicted. Following on the heels of the Mercury Retro goings-on we are extremely sensitive – we are instinctively acting on the discoveries we’ve made there. Mars is action, the Moon rules instinct. Instead of jumping to conclusions, observe your unfolding. Now is not yet the time to make serious choices unless all other options are exhausted.  Mercury is still retrograde confusing our viewpoint and Mars is in Libra refusing to act. Use the Libran powers of judicious assessment and cautious judgement  to slow down your responses, measure them out and work out what is going on for you before you let the sword drop.

~ Love Asha

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