The Barque of the Sun reaches the Sea – Sun in Pisces

George Woolliscroft Rhead 1855-1920. Sacrifice to Neptune. A Pre-Raphaelite masterwork.

 The Barque of the Sun has sailed into Pisces, pausing to reflect across the waves. Neptune the ruler of Pisces is also in the sign this year adding extra Neptunian magick, mystery and confusion to any Piscean transits. (Read all about the Mercury retrograde transits here and here). The Solar radiance is gentlest in Pisces – we are more inclined to be dreamy, spiritual and mystically inclined at this phase of the year. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac – it is said to contain elements of all the other signs, synthesising the lessons of the Constellations into a complete whole. Thus the sign of the Fishes represents Universal Connection to All at the end of the Zodiacal Year.  As the Sun changes signs we can experience a little queasiness as the vibration shifts from the intellectual Aquarius to sensitive Pisces. It’s been an extra Piscean phase; Mercury has already been dancing strangely back and forth between the two signs while the Sun was in Aqua.  If you have Piscean planets or Ascendant you’ve been feeling it; more deeply emotional and vulnerable than usual. (Although if you have planets and points in Pisces, you always have a little of this going on!)

The Sun is the primary power that affects us – He represents the ego-drive, identity and happiness. The Sun in His progress illuminates different Houses in our Natal Chart as He changes signs every month. The Houses represent different spheres of life – such as the personality (1st house), values & possessions (2nd house), communication & siblings (3rd house), roots & home base (4th house), etc. Each month the Sun calls our attention to this section of our life. Thus we each experience the movement of the Sun through Pisces differently. My 5th House is Pisces. Issues of creativity, children and romantic relationships will be highlighted for me. The 5th House also has a special connection to intimate platonic relationships. The Sun may be touching your 10th House shining a light on issues of reputation, vocation & ambition. (To determine the houses of your natal chart click here – this is a free chart drawing tool which will show your birth chart. To understand what this means and how transits may be affecting you – you need to have a personal chart interpretation.)


Soulful ~ Dreams ~ Visionary ~ Artistic Expression ~ Mysticism ~ Retreat

Pisces from Zodiac Series - Dorina CostrasPisceans are gentle souls – inclined to withdraw instead of engage with conflict. The evasiveness can be construed as coolness or even deceit, but he just cannot stand conflict, it presses upon his gentle nature, shocks him. The Sea Soul is forgiving, deep and gentle. The sweetness and devotion of his love is unsurpassed. The tender expression of the Fish Folk belies the limitless devotion to a cause they value. Identified with Christ and the Crucifixion there can be a tendency to martyrdom and an almost fanatical idealism; whether religious or philosophical. Easily wounded by harshness, he flinches from coarseness, discomfort and anything disruptive. Leave the Piscean to dream; protect and nurture him. The loveliness he brings is worth the misty-eyed romanticism and at times irrational visions. You cannot grasp him. Like a fish he slips through your fingers and disappears seeking the safety of the fathomless depths he holds within. Hold him gently – he needs to be held – and marvel at his shimmering beauty.

Pisces from Zodiac Series – Dorina Costras

~ Love Asha

Remember, when you read an interpretation of your Sun Sign it is only one very small part of your complete astrological picture. Other factors must be taken into consideration – you can be a Scorpion Aquarius like me or a Sagittarius Cancerian depending on the weighting of planets in your chart, your Ascendant sign and other placements. To find out more about your archetypes, email me on

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