Moon in Scorpio – Stinging Sense

Dynamic Scorpio - Ricardo Chavez Mendez
Dynamic Scorpio – Ricardo Chavez Mendez

Scorpio is the sign of passion and intensity. The passion that stings us awake, stirring up the depths of our psyche – not always comfortable or pleasant but very REAL. Intoxicating desire moves us – is it painful or beautiful? Both and something more? Scorpio Moons provoke us to feel deeply, fully and experience the feeling at any cost.

Those born with a Scorpio moon are instinctively defensive, often driven to keep themselves secure at all costs. The Lunar Scorpio feels more intensely than any other Moon Sign – and thus suffers more, not just from pain but sheer over stimulus. If you win a Lunar Scorpio’s trust you have proven you deserve it  (as you are no doubt aware because it took you years to get there). If you betray your troth I recommend you disappear quickly. The survival instinct is well developed. Scorpio is associated with death, nuclear weapons and destruction as a means for rebirth. Do not forget that.

This transit of the Moon intensifies feeling; it is pressing, imminent we must attend to our emotional responses. You may experience this as an arousal of your passions, confident and determined. Or you may be experiencing the rebirth-through-pain side of Scorpio; your feelings are painful, critical and sharp.  You have a choice; burn with it and through it, rising from the ashes stronger, refined. Or you can retreat behind your defences ready to sting anyone who comes near.

Scorpio energy is powerful. Power brings risk and responsibility. Any obstacle we face that is intense, that presses us ; that which requires the complete destruction of all that was; those battles that can only be won by sudden, explosive transformation; these require Scorpio wisdom. The secret to our rebirth lies in how we master our own attitudes and relationship to passion and power.

Saturn is Also Currently Transiting Scorpio –  This adds an element of solidity and rigid structure to our Moon in Scorpio experiences until Saturn leaves the sign in about a year’s time.

~ Love Asha Maria

4 thoughts on “Moon in Scorpio – Stinging Sense

  1. is this western style or vedic style. my doubt is on scoripio ascendant and moon in scorpio, also moon-ketu combination in scoripio. i have been stung many times despite me being good or helping them y


    1. I use the Western tropical zodiac for my horosocopes and current astrology weather but the Moon in Scorpio interpretation here can be applied to Western or Sidereal drawing of charts (as in Jyottish or Vedic astrology) . I use my interpretation of Scorpio and the Moon from the Western concepts but Western astrology is entirely drawn from Vedic astrology originally. There are some significant differences between the 2 systems but also many similarities. The greatest difference is the Vedic use of a sidereal zodiac which is accurate to where the zodiac belt is now. The Western System does not allow for a phenomenon calles the precession of the equinoxes. Consequently the Western system is about 23 degrees ahead of the actual zodiac belt. There is an explanation for the effectiveness of both methods but I won’t go into it here. Scorpip-Rahu is powerful and disruptive. It is unlikely you will find many people who live and love with the kind of loyalty and intensity you desire. Knowing this, you must find a way to direct that power so it does not overhwelm personal relationships. You can drive that energy and transforming your community, fighting injustice or living a deeply spiritual and religious life that transforms the muck in the world, to light.


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