Gathering the Threads under a Pisces Dark Moon

Diane et Endymion - Emile FoubertThe sea and sky have joined together in a continuous curtain of silver.
It is quiet, no one seems to want to talk. It is the first day of Autumn ; cool and grey. The Aquarius lunar cycle has ended. The Moon is dark now too, slipping through the sign of the Fishes. This is the point in the astrological wheel that we seek retreat. We have 28 days to focus on accepting the challenges of the past 11 Moon Cycles; synthesising them through the unconscious (lunar) part of our being. It is time to dream up visions for the next lunar progress through the 12 signs.

This is the final lunar month until the Sun (and thus the next new Moon) enters the First House, Aries, in late March.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiacal wheel; of retreat, dreams, mysticism and reflection. It is said to synthesise all the other signs and a little something besides. This New Moon (conjunct Sun) meets Neptune (Lord of the Sea, the ruler of Pisces) in a conjunction (meaning the powers are mixed together). This then forms a beautiful, very psychic and evocative, trine with Pluto (the God of the Underworld – ruler of Scorpio). Trines are supportive aspects – the energies are said to flow well without being confused or antagonistic to each other (conjunction in the former case and square in the latter). We have a combination of the expression of our ego (Sun), our personal psyche and intuition (Moon) in the Sign of Dreams – flowing and amplified through the planet Neptune (vision, higher spiritual calling, collective psyche). The personal and collective unconscious seep into the daily life; made transformative by Pluto. The aspect to Pluto is anchored by 2 gentle planets and the radiance of the Sun; the revolution should be cathartic and healing – rather than scalding and explosive.

If your tears flow, allow Pluto to transform you – the Moon to amplify your expression and Neptune to make sense of it spiritually.
The artist is moved to create and flow, a perfect conduit of expressive force – Pluto brings out the expression with power.

However, the Moon and Neptune also caution against sentimental fantasy and Pluto, violent action to realise it. The added action of the Sun means that all this psychic transformation comes to our conscious awareness. Our ego can work actively to restructure itself; integrating this New Moon experience into a new identity ready for the Sun’s arrival in Aries later in the month.

Because this is a New Moon transit, it is the time look at what we want to achieve in the next 28 days. It is time to gather in the threads spun at each New Moon in the last 11 months. We now weave them together in Pisces, seeking deeper truth about ourselves (Moon) and the Cosmos (Neptune):

the Aries thread
Actions taken to assert yourself, initiate self-expression, stand up for who you are (whoever you think that is) having the courage to re-invent yourself.

the Taurus thread
Your attention to increasing your comfort and material resources, self nurture and make yourself comfortable and indulge.

the Gemini thread –
 Information collected that assists self expression
, connect to others through speech, to communicate and socialise

the Cancerian thread

Honouring family and origins, emotionally supporting others.  Considering a vision of the future, and what you need to feel at home in the world

the Virgo thread –
Where you planned and brought more order with gentleness, care and precision. Assessing resources and using them carefully, service to your health and others.

the Libran thread

The seeds sowed for peace, fairness and beauty – developing the capacity to meet other’s needs and partner them equally.

the Scorpio thread

Intuitive expression of your sexuality, willingness to approach mystery rather than shy from it, expression of intimacy.

the Sagittarius thread

Positive emotional expression that liberates others, bringing knowledge and awareness to the inner life.  Expanding beyond the daily to explore something different with openness and joy.

the Capricorn thread

The work you did to increase recognition from others, establish your reputation and focus on career goals. Ambition heedless of the critique and fear of others. 

the Aquarius thread –
 The effort to inquire detachedly and experiment – thinking about others as a collective, visions for your community and involvement with collective action

the final Pisces action is synthesis –
All is collected and coiled into a band of 11 threads; the 12th colour is the combination of all 11 woven together. Something of each part, but also – greater than the sum of them. What this means exactly and what you will do next is for you to decide. Wander through this last zodiacal month with gentle curiosity. As the Moon progresses through each of the 12 signs  consider what you have learned in your inner life since March 2013.

The Moon is our internal self, our instinct and our unconscious – but Her wyrd silver light can reveal more than the Sun at midday. Listen to her lessons she calls you to your as yet, unrevealed self.

Sweet dreams Astro-lovers ~ Love Asha Maria

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