Get the Hell Outta My Way! – Waxing Aries Moon

Mars, God of War - VelazquezGet the Hell Outta My Way! The Pisces New Moon drew us to reflect upon the work of the last 11 Moon Cycles. (more here) We got all moody, maudlin, deep and whimsical. But now it’s time to stop dreaming, mooning (moaning?) and do something….anything…even if you didn’t draw answers from the New Moon reflection.

Who cares. Thinking time is over. Sometimes you just can’t work stuff out by going deep. Sometimes you just have to push people the hell out of the way and get it done.

The Aries Moon can make us brash with our feelings, we’re less cautious about our emotional expression; less concerned about our inner life and emotional consequences. If you are an Aries type, take care not to be emotionally fickle and insensitive. Gentle folks, feeling needled by another’s apparent indifference to you? It’s an Aries moon, don’t take it as an indication of a permanent change in affection to you (if it persists…see your astrologer). The attitude should fade in about 2 days.

This moon brings a call to look out for yourself before you look out for others. Which is perfectly healthy and necessary – just take care that you are self-centred, not selfish. Aries Moon phases mean sudden outbursts are more likely, especially if you have planets or points in Aries.

The ruling planet of Aries, Mars, is retrograde in Libra right now. There is an element of emotional frustration. No matter how much you want to get things happening, you just can’t seem to get anything to move. This is despite the fact that the Mercury Retrograde is over…and Venus has been direct for some time now. Manage the Mars in Libra transit by managing others – and their perception – of you with diplomacy. Head-butting in the usual Ram-style will not be well received or effective.

The Moon is Waxing, in the first phase after the Dark Moon, so despite the frustration get things started. Aries is all about taking charge. Do it now! ♥ Love, Always, ~ Asha Maria


Depending on your own CosmicBluePrint each planetary event will impact you differently – some will experience the Aries moon constructively, as a release of inhibition and a period of emotional confidence. Others may experience the Aries Moon in emotional conflict or disinterestedness from close ones. To understand more about your astrological make up, contact me for a consultation or order the CosmicBluePrint report –

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