3 Retrogrades – Love, Reason and Action in Reverse

minerva-sending-away-mars-from-peace-and-prosperity-1577 tintoretto
Our personal lives have been all backwards and confused since Decemeber 31, 2013. More so than usual, that is. Life is pretty confusing most of the time. (But maybe that’s just me, Aquarians seem to live in a permanent state of puzzlement). We’re now part way through a phase of personal planet retrogrades: first Venus (read more here…and here) then Mercury (here & here) and now Mars*. Because retrogrades bring confusion, inversion of the status quo, review and retreat, their influence over our personal lives is expressed in reverse. Where we see this play out depends on which house the planet moves through (go to www.astro.com for a quick birth chart drawing).

Venus went retrograde in Capricorn on Dec 31, 2013 and went direct on January 31, 2014. Her walk through Capricorn drew our attention to our long range plans re relationships. We were focused on meeting our own needs first – then supporting others. Where relationships were going became important; it was time to review relationships with a clear head, in light of future plans. Who is reliable, loyal and trustworthy? Who is using us, who do we use and can we live with it? (The Grande Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto occurred in the middle of this transit – volatising and provoking hidden currents to the surface).
This was a real world/ practical transit focusing on present resources and how they contribute to our long term goals. (Earth)

Mercury retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius trawled through the depths of our psyches. During his retrograde in Aquarius he examined the results of this search and drew some interesting conclusions. On February 28 Mercury went into direct motion again. Now we have the mental clarity to use the information we discovered.
This transit was concerned with vision and the big picture, our spiritual self (Water) mediated by intellect and analysis (Air)

Mars entered Libra in December 2013, and went retrograde on February 28 (the same day that Mercury went direct!) Mars is not at home in Libra (read here). He is a warrior disarmed, forced to be diplomatic and find alternative solutions to resolving conflict. Mars would much prefer to throw himself into the fray with joyous abandon than hold wise counsel and make truces.
When Mars took the baton of Retrograde from Mercury the backwardness manifests as delays in expected developments, reviewing planned course of action and finding alternative strategies (Libra). This is a time of unexpected results both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ (in hindsight you may switch these labels around – channel that Libra discretion, wait before you judge). We may have laid our plans carefully; but the expected and predictable comes unstuck quickly. Mars gives us the power to change anything if we have enough courage. If you weigh options judiciously before acting you have ‘cracked’ the lesson of this retrograde. Libra is notoriously indecisive but rarely does Libra make impulsively foolish choices. Mars direct in Libra is forced to be judicious rather than act violently – his natural action is reversed. Mars retro is working in reverse in Libra again has a curious effect – things get going again, just not exactly as expected. Be ready to find opportunities where you didn’t expect them and graciously accept changes in direction that interrupt your well-laid plans. Have courage – weigh up your options and consider the likely outcomes of your actions.

Mars doesn’t turn direct until May 19. He leaves Libra after a very long stay, entering Scorpio on July 21. This time of frustrated waiting, prevarication, umming and uhhing will soon enough give way to Mars blowing everything out of the water in Scorpio. The Warrior acting like a Scorpion. Stuff will move!
This transit is about just action based on compromise and reason (Air)

May these transits of Love, Mind and Action draw you closer to yourself and your beloveds and make sense of the glorious, sweet & sharp chaos of Life

To read all my articles on Mars, Venus & Mercury and their recent behaviour, simply select the planet from the categories list

~ Love Asha

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