Virgo Full Moon – The Art of Order


The night sky is full of silver light, we are at the Full Moon. Today her light shines in full on the promises we made at the New Moon in Pisces.
Virgo is the Sign of the Maiden. With the Moon in the Maiden’s House she becomes the Moon Maiden – spiritually wise, contained, delicate and ordered.

Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs – opposing signs embody a spectrum of knowledge reflected in 2 complementary opposites. The Virgo / Pisces axis is about sensitivity & communication, the finite/the infinite. Pisces is connected to all through simultaneous communication with all points of awareness. This experience brings understanding & sensitivity through the connection to all others. Where Pisces can be disordered, primordial and infinite, Virgo embodies elegant order, the particular and the finite. Virgo takes the definite, discrete information and speaks deliberately.  Pisces is without boundary, dissolved in all. Virgo is the discrete piece, separate from but working within a larger organism.

Pisces is the sensitivity we experience through dissolution into the all (Neptune ruling planet of Pisces).
Virgo, with skill and quiet discipline channels this understanding into the conscious mind – through Mercury (ruling planet of Virgo).

Some of the most successful musicians and artists are Maidens. Virgos are exquisitely sensitive and have an innate talent for disciplined work. Instead of being lost and overwhelmed by their delicacy, their capacity to work step by step means they succeed in their passion. They spread out the passion into even sized pieces rather than burning it up in one, wild conflagration of intensity. Virgo’s reputation for being a neurotic, clean freak is unfair (but not always unfounded – Lunar Virgos are especially particular). The Virgo is a chaste maiden which is not the same thing as a prude. There is an older, arcane interpretation of chastity – more closely aligned with containment and judicious use of skill to deliberate ends than the rejection of life force. The injudicious expression of power – whether emotional, primal or sexual – is potentially destructive, disruptive and unjust. Innaccuracy and carelessness pains the Maiden. She avoids conflict not because she is frail but because passionate outbursts are risky. Irrational passions carry the risk of unjust action, wounding others completely unnecessarily and worse.

With the full moon in Virgo we experience a phase of heightened sensitivity, caution and are more likely to criticise others. We prefer to be precise rather than reckless,  we flinch at conflict and require things to be just so. For some the Virgo Moon transit brings a pleasant sense of order, control and quiet productivity. Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn and even Taurus will enjoy making lists, analysing possible courses of actions; ensuring everything is tidy in preparation for the next New Moon phase in Aries – (when it will be time to kick start new action plans). Mars Retro in Libra may not be giving you too much grief; instead the lull and temporary reversals give pause for thought and a chance to ensure you are really making the safest and most logical decision for your future.

Others with planets and points in the more active/passionate signs (Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius) experience Virgo lunar transits as irritating periods.  Others insist on limiting natural expression with pedantry. There seems to be a bureaucratic insistence on complying with rules against natural inclination. We are also experiencing a very confused Mars in Libra retrograde transit (herehere.. & here…) Niggly feelings lead to that kind of annoying friction which doesn’t lead to anyone resolving anything but manages to provoke outbursts regardless of the consequences because at least then something might happen. Don’t do this now. Save it for the New Moon when Aries fire power will work with your initiative. You are working against the delicate Virgo Moon and a backwards, confused Mars. This is a time for analysis, tidying up loose ends and checking up on your health. If you are annoyed by this, you have no choice but to sit on your hands until the New Moon.

The New Moon in Pisces gave us the opportunity to gather in all the threads of the previous 11 lunar cycles (read more here).
The Virgo Full Moon reveals the beautiful weaving work – we have used our skill, taste & patience to make something definite from the infinite.
Gather in the threads, tie it up in a bow and get ready for the next Lunar Phase – the New Moon in Aries in 2 Weeks time.
Think about what you want to kick into action; analyse the lessons of the last 11 Lunar Phases, make a list, work out what you want, make any preparations you can – get ready!
Mars won’t be retrograde for ever (May 21), the Sun leaves Pisces in a little over a week for Action Aries and early in April the Moon enters the same sign.

You gosh-darn, perfect-precious, neat & tidy Maidens go and tidy up; reorganise your shelves or whatever. I am going to fume under a rock somewhere, a frustrated Scorpion…

Love, Asha Maria

I’m a Virgo but I’m really scruffy … I leave my towel on the floor and everything. What the hell is going on here? I hear you say. If we look at your chart you will probably discover you are a Virgo in your own unique little way. Even a Sagittarius ascendant doesn’t cancel out your tendencies for order; you just might do it in an Archer way. Perhaps you are really good at planning overseas travel. Or perhaps after making a ribald pun (Sagittarius) you then blush deeply (Virgo).  Your ‘Star Sign’ only shows a fraction of the picture. Email me to discover your own unique Cosmic BluePrint  and make sense of the madness:


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