In Praise of The Archer – Sagittarius

The Moon is in Sagittarius today – here is a little about the Sign of Sagittarius. If you love a Sagittarius; friend, family, child or lover this is a kind of survival guide to our free-spirited, open-hearted, never available when you are looking for them Archers… Love & Starlight ~ Asha Maria

the existential astrologer

ImageAh, delightful Sagittarius! You of the notorious bluntness, foot constantly in mouth, big dreams, big adventures and big heart!

Oh commitment-phobe, will-o-the-wisp!
You are inspiring and confounding; and so irrepressibly free!

Ever the optimist you are ‘happy-goes-lucky’, noble of spirit and (recklessly) courageous

Is there ever anyone so inspiring as an Archer on her divine mission? Chasing arrows over rainbows, her eyes fixed on her ideal – unwavering and determined. Yes, she may trip up because she was looking so far ahead, but remember whether she is galloping or appears to be walking aimlessly you cannot take hold of her.

She is a true free spirit, a natural force, eternally optimistic. Warm and easy-going but not really known for being reliable. Well, not in a sense that would satisfy a Capricorn or a Scorpio. Sagittarius are loyal and true if they believe in the cause – perhaps more so than many other people – but you must…

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