The Lunar Aquarian – Moon in Aquarius

dupas-oil-painting-aquariusAre you a Lunar Aquarian? This means your emotions are directed towards the whole of humanity, you dream big for mankind and can direct energy to actually changing things. That’s where you feel most secure; it’s your instinctive self – the complement to your Sun sign, and the secret to unlocking your potential. It’s a little difficult for you to understand other’s needs on an intimate level; you are not great with the sentimental connection. Independence is important but so is friendship – it must be equal and you must share common values. Social movements inspire you, not scenes of domesticity. Unless you believe domesticity is actually a kind of social revolution that can both free us from suffering and bring progress.

Aquarian Moon folk are affable and caring, but can seem aloof because they don’t show their attachment in the approved syrupy manner. They have their own stuff going on and are unlikely to be co-dependent. If you live with or love an Aqua Moon person don’t expect him to write you intimate love notes (if he does, he will compare your relationship to broader human themes we all share). He is a wonderful friend and faithful in his friendship. He is usually friends with all his exes. Don’t be jealous about this, he is actually just friends – and doesn’t think jealousy is attractive or a proof of your devotion. Jealousy is a sign that you will curb his freedom of expression.

Don’t try and coddle  Lunar Aquarian, leave him to be. Do friend things, not romantic stuff. It’s not his style. His romantic side is private, maybe it doesn’t exist – who knows? You might discover it one day or you may learn to read his Alien Aquarian manner; like the day he makes you an up-cycled bedside table scrounged from an old broom stick cut into 4 legs, cast-off floor boards and recycled nails he scrounged from the side of the road in one of his lone rambles.  You can’t copy that from someone’s schmaltzy Facebook post.

~ Love, Love

Asha Maria

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