New Moon, New Life – Urgent Action

ARIES4-St-John-the-Baptist-Youth-with-Ram-human-body-Baroque-CaravaggioThis New Moon is all about beginnings in the sign of beginnings, Aries.

We have ended the last of 12 Lunar Cycles. For Aries Sun folk (or planets or Ascendant in Aries) this is a part of the year when you can really take action and get things done – only mitigated by that confused Mars Retrograde (here and here). Aries themes are action, courage, independence and Self. The Moon left Pisces and entered Aries yesterday afternoon. At the Pisces New Moon we gathered in the threads of the last 11 cycles; a phase of synthesis and completion.

The New Moon is always the time to plant seeds for the next phase of your life but this New Moon is also the first Moon cycle in the Zodiacal calendar. We’ve started a whole new Lunar cycle, not just for the month but for the year. The Sun and Moon are in Aries, Uranus – the chaos element – is there too. The Moon & Uranus are in challenging aspect to Pluto (Lord of destruction and regeneration) and Jupiter makes this energy all a whole lot bigger.

Uranus and Pluto are not comfortable powers – they bring us lessons about disruption, necessary destruction, surrendering to violent cosmic forces of fate that we cannot manage, think our way out of or escape from. The Moon in aspect to these powerful Lords of Karma manifests in it’s least stable form – a passive reflection of whatever else touches it and influenced from greater outside forces. Jupiter is usually the planet of luck but he can also operate as an amplifier – making everything he aspects larger, louder and heavier.

There is a real volatility to this New Moon Phase in the Sign of assertiveness, Aries.  There is an energy of action, urgency and tension. We may feel optimistic and somehow antagonised to take action – we may want to push things to the edge and see what happens rather than patiently biding our time. This lunar transit teaches us to find the balance between the opportunity to take action, to try our luck. We may experience an impetuosity that pushes us to go one step too far, steam rolling others or even blowing our luck by going over the top.

Jumpy, agitated and injudicious behaviour is quite likely. The New Moon phase defines the themes and goals of the next 28 days. Expect this next 28 day Lunar Cycle to bring action, agitation and some things entirely unexpected (whether it’s pleasant or not depends on how you view the world and your attitude to change.)

The New Moon in Aries is time to take action but also a good time to understand your own needs, what it takes for you to feel secure. Speak your mind, take charge and use the active power of this moon phase to get things done, especially if those things require you to put yourself forward with (over-weening) confidence. If you want to make radical change in your life now is the time to do it, just be careful you don’t gamble at stakes higher than you can afford.

~ Love Asha Maria

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