Moon in Gemini – Watch that tongue!


Gemini Moon Days – our feelings flicker and sparkle, perhaps a little capriciously. We can feel jumpy and irritable or just easily distracted and sociable…more satisfied with the pretty surface than complicated depths of things right now. We want to talk and talk … we are able to talk about rather than sit with our sense impulses and feelings. Emotionally most feel more detached and less concerned with their psyche at this time…unless you want to chat about it!

Because the Sun is also in Aries right now, this Gemini moon is particularly cracking and energetic…the mind (and tongue) is fuelled by fire. There is a heightened chance that you will act on your thoughts or speak impulsively which leads to a quick response from others! Mercury (who rules Gemini) is leaving quiet Pisces for “say it like it is Aries” today so take care you don’t gossip yourself into strife!

We’ve just had a steady 2 days of Taurus power for the lunar cycle – the holding, nurturing, developing phase of the month. Usually this is a restful phase but Action Aries put Taurus Moon to work.

The then current shifts to Gemini, the sign of the twins. After some steady work it is now time to gather information; meet with others to network and share knowledge and send a million text messages, emails or tweet yourself into a controversy.

 The sparkling, fractured Gemini energy is not suited to serious decision making. Now is time to find out what you can, check in with close friends for their point of view, bounce ideas off each other. Save the decision making for some other time if you can help it!

You’ve heard that Gemini has a reputation for fickleness? Leap now and you may regret it. Our instincts are least reliable under a Gemini Moon, it’s a restless time.

If you worked with the New Moon in Aries with intention, now is the time to chat about the first fruits of your labours and seek some other perspectives. Acknowledge and be present with changing feelings, but observe – suspending judgement until you have had pause for reflection. The Moon is still waxing, growing to full – energy is building and supports development of ideas, networking, emails/phone correspondence and any activity involving light speech and socialising.

♥ Asha Maria

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