Grand Cross II – From Chaos – Creation

hadesGrande Cross Round 2 – Through Chaos to Creation

You may remember back in January when Venus was retrograde in Capricorn, we were reassessing our relationships- did they meet our needs? Are our long term ambitions being thwarted or supported by those we are close to? We had to face some practical truths about what we really need from those we love and work out whether we should keep things as they are or make some economical choices about how much energy we have for what doesn’t work.  On January 8, 2014 the Grande Cross of Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter formed. At that time Mars was direct but Venus – the gentlest planet who smoothes everything over – was absent, retrograde. Many of you may have experienced an intense disruption to the status quo, it was a volatile and potentially violent time. Issues boiling under the surface for some time – psychically, materially, socially – burst forth. Venus was nowhere to be found to soften things. It was brutal and there was no soothing aspect to bring peace following the explosion.  Venus at that time taught us about tough love. Take a minute to refresh your memory on some of the big lessons we’ve had this year about Relationships, Identity and Direction in 2014:

Venus in Capricorn (Love in Action)
Venus and Mars Behaving Strangely
3 Retrogrades – Love, Reason and Action in Reverse
Aries New Moon   

 This Grande Cross is formed by:

Mars (retrograde in Libra) opposition Uranus (in Aries)

Uranus square Pluto (in Capricorn) – a decade long square

Jupiter square all these planets – (in Cancer)

Mars  is the planet of aggression and action. Uranus is the unexpected, the element of chaos, disruption. Pluto is the lord of rebirth through destruction, issues of power and control. Jupiteris the lord of grandiosity, he expands what he touches.

Part of life is just understanding what is possible based on the resources at hand.
Limitations, blockages, disruption are a resource – if you flip your perspective.

You have 3 choices:
Fight it
Stand still til the tide shifts
or Do something, reap something from this – engage with it. LIVE.

There’s a kind of sensible economy to this – you can hurl yourself against the world in a determined frenzy to realise your goals regardless of the tide. You might succeed, but you are only so big. The Universe on the other hand, is very big.  You can throw yourself against the wall of this Grande Cross or you can work with it. There are no bad aspects, or bad planets just people that fight kicking and screaming against the inevitable element of chaos in life.

I don’t like Astrology that is fatalistic – that predicts doom or clear skies.  Every one of us is facing unique challenges and opportunities – sometimes we have phases of constructive work, periods of quietude and bouts of ‘disaster’ that can lead to incredible, exquisite rebirth and renewal. Life comes in waves and keeping an eye on the skies is a helpful way of mapping what might be likely, explaining our current experience and working consciously to grow through and work with the tide. Don’t exhaust yourself fighting against the immense and unknowable, within yourself as much as ‘outside’ of you.

”Hard Aspects” like squares and the hyped-up version, the Grande Cross are challenging. They are not comfortable. We don’t find it pleasant, but it’s not boring. This is a call to growth, a time of POWER. If you need to break through to break out – watch for your chance, listen to your inner values and go for it.  

If you have planets in the signs and close to the planets forming the Grande Square you will feel this Grande Cross and Libra Lunar Eclipse (on April 15) intensely. Lunar eclipses bring to light, trigger, events in the area of the chart that they fall. If you are a Libra or Aries (especially in the last degrees of the sign) – or you have significant planets or points in these signs you will feel it the most. The Libra Eclipse again reinforces the lessons on relationships, fairness, conciliation and justice.  So we have a Grande Cross, with some very disruptive planets – Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter making it all bigger  but this time around the Grande Cross is different.

  • Mars is still in Libra but he is retrograde now – working more diplomatically, his power limited by both his presence in Libra (his weakest placement) retrograde movement further inverts the influence of the planet.
  • Venus is exalted in Pisces and she is going forward. When Venus is exalted her power is heightened. In Pisces she brings the sweetest, most selfless manifestation of love. Her love is spiritual and divine, and all forgiving. She is graceful and gracious. If January’s Grande Cross brought you intense pain (especially with Venus in Capricorn bring review and some hard truths) this month’s second form of the Cross can bring healing through acceptance of what you cannot change, and that brings peace. If the other parties wish it, conciliation is also possible.
  • Jupiter is also ‘exalted’ in the sign of Cancer – like Venus he is considered a planet of blessing the 2 combined mitigate much of the disruptive and painful effects of the disruptive power of Mars, Uranus and Pluto.
  • Pluto is now stationary; heading to retrograde. Those that exert power over us (or would like to) are thwarted, their attempts at domination are nipped in the bud, or come to naught. Like Mars,  Pluto rules over Scorpio – both of these planets are effectively retrograde. Issues of violence, control and self-control come to our attention; those that oppose us will find it harder to exert their power, but we also are more sensitive to where we lack control or feel dominated.
  • The Sun– is in Aries, as is Mercury – identity, ego and a mind motivated to assert itself, courage to face obstacles
  • The Moon– in Libra, forming an eclipse triggers issues of relationships, equality and fairness. She also softens any harsh effects of Mars in the sign.

    This Grande Cross is different, this time we get something from it. Not just a rude awakening, painful but necessary decisions, exposure of long held feelings and attitudes – we have a moment to embrace the chaos and heal because we have been liberated from long standing issues of dependence, volatility, power and control.
    We can’t leave the past behind nor control everything that happens to us  – we can’t get everything we want from others but we can find what we need and hold to that, without violence. The Aries energy helps us to find out what is us, the Libra – what belongs to others. Venus helps us to be more generous and forgiving, to let go of the personal – dissolving it in the All.

    Living isn’t about just seeking what is comfortable. Living is about making something from what is to hand. The thing about chaos is that it is formless. If this Grande Cross brings you formless Chaos – form a new world.

    May your Grande Cross / Eclipse experience bring light to those things you long to be freed from. May you find peace and acceptance and form yourself and your universe anew from what remains after the dust settles.

    ~ Love Asha Maria

For those of you born between 1984 and 1986 (Saturn in Scorpio ) this crisis-Grande Cross was particularly significant. Saturn returns are 28 year cycles of self growth, discovery of capacity and limitations. Because Grande Cross formations are identified symbolically with Saturn – this Grande Cross will really pull your focus to your limits, resources and what you need to get rid of to create a life that reflects your values, needs and capacities.  To find out more about how this affects you, order a Saturn Return report

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    A little review of the last Grande Cross Phase in April. We are now in the middle of Grande Cross – Round III as we head towards the New Moon in Cancer. Mercury is still mixing it up retrograde in Gemini and the Moon is at her darkest point in the sign, along with Lady love, also in Gemini. Stay tuned today (or early tomorrow) for a post on the final stage of the Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto Grande Cross x Asha


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