Love & Sexuality

labelledamesansmerciLove Astrology – How does Astrology explore issues of love, intimacy, sexuality & connection?

Venus and Mars are the ‘love & sex planets’ but the Sun and Moon show the way each person must express themselves, their ego-identity and the need for emotional security in order to be psychologically healthy.

Venus– Sentient, sensuality, romance and the love nature – sentimentality rather than deep emotion. Venus is where we get carried away, the nature of our infatuations and romantic longing. Love-making

Mars – Drive, desire, sexual expression, animal magnetism, lust.

Sun – The essential self, immutable. If this need is not met by a lover, you run out of energy for the relationships. E.g. Sagittarius – freedom, Taurus – security and care.

Moon– Emotional need, how you can create psychological security, nourish yourself and nourish others. How you like to show care, the nature of your sensorial experiences. (Taurus, strong physical sense. Libra, strong aesthetic sensitivity)The other planets, Mercury and the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto (and other asteroids) all add to the information but the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars (in their house placement, astrological sign and aspects in relationship to each other) create the foundation for understanding how we relate to each other, what we want from our others, and the limitations of our love natures.


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