Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Hanging in the Balance

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Lunar Eclipse In Libra – the Sign of the Balances is causing most of us to feel distinctly feeling distinctly off balance as we consider issues of fairness and equality, our needs vs. others and see-saw between different view points. You’ll find the point of harmony, about a week out from the eclipse when the effect is fully known. As for the tension and angst and ‘what the hell is going on in my life?’ let’s blame the grand cross for that. A shout out particularly to Librans and Aries Sun- you are being hit HARD with the Eclipse and Grand Cross  both triggering your signs intensely.

As always, your astrology is completely individual – if you know your chart or have it to hand, mark 25 degrees in Libra and see what sphere of life and what planets may be affected. I am an Aquarius/Scorpio – so in the clear right? Well….the eclipse is in my 12th house opposing my 6th and has already caused some minor snafus n both those areas of life… the aspects in the heavens right now are so intense that few of us will be free of the effects. If we are listening to ourselves in that wordless, mindful way  we may find more is going on amid the noise than we realised.

You might remember that last Aries/Libra eclipse back in October 2013 It was also on the Aries/Libra axis (the signs oppose each other). The 3rd of these eclipses will occur October 15 2014 upon the Aries Full Moon. Like the Grand Cross which keeps forming aspect, this series of eclipses is teaching us a particular lesson in 3 Acts.

The First Act – October 2013 Lunar Eclipse in Aries – brought your Ego needs to the fore; what you need to do to be a little bit more individual, how you can be more you, not your conditioning – or other’s ideas of you. On the other side of things it may have come to your attention abruptly that you might be behaving like a bit of an ego-driven, self centred, head-butting Ram. Maybe you had to clash horns to get something done – or you were pulled up with a bump by a significant other. Libra is the sign of the other – these include domestic partners, enemies, business partners and other significant others who influence your life in some way – particularly long-tem – does not include family, you don’t get to pick family!

Aries is about Self, Libra is all about Others – Aries decides  – come what may. Libra considers, weighing the needs of all parties carefully before making her judgement. In October we were forced to face what we need (because Aries forces everything) vs. the demands of significant others. Because Libra rules the 7th house, the house of partnerships and justice you may have had trouble or resolution with legal matters too.

The Second Act – April 15 2014– The Lunar Eclipse now switches to Libra. The Sun is in Aries and the Moon in Opposition to it in Libra. We are focusing on issues of equality, fairness and give & take in our significant relationships. It’s not about resources and whether you’re wasting them (like Venus in Capricorn earlier this year). This eclipse brings to light deep long standing conflicts around equity, fairness and reciprocity. Are you being just in your judgements or just judgemental? Have you been too harshly judged and know deeply that this is unfair? It’s time to look deep and draw from within, honest knowledge about how we operate with our ‘others’. It is not an ideal time to take action, but eternal forces may force your hand (Uranus, Mercury, Sun in Aries and Grand Cross). If you feel some kind of personal Rubicon is on the horizon make sure that you have a solid grasp of what you value as true, noble and just. And what you might want to do should you have to make a judgement call. Remember that the Moon is about feeling, security and sense – these needs compete with our ‘Sun’ needs, identity, ego and appearance during a Lunar Eclipse (it’s really a hyped-up full moon).

Venus the ruler of Libra is in forgiving Pisces so this eclipse brings us the chance – not to rid ourselves of the situation – but to accept whatever judgement arrives (which ultimately bears more fruit psycho-spiritually). It is time to forgive ourselves and others; a little wiser, chastened through awareness of our own injustices to self and against others. With Libran caution we set down the laws that we value to stop or manage such conflicts in future. We compromise & conciliate but always in keeping with our own integrity and moral laws.

The Final Act – October  15 2014  – Aries Full Moon

We will revisit the story of the first eclipse phase but in a process of synthesis – from Ego-Need & Combat to Fairness and Consideration of Others and then weaving it back in again;  to a new identity, fortified by a purified integrity and values system.

Lunar eclipses are about exposure – often sudden exposure – from dark through to light. This eclipse also happens to fall smack bang in the middle of a particularly intense Grand Cross and at the same time that Mars, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde. Mars, Saturn and Pluto teach hard life lessons – they are the less affable members of the planetary crew. (A quick look at Graeco-Roman Mythology reveals Mars is always causing trouble, Saturn castrated his father and took his place and Pluto abducted a maiden, plunging the Earth into permanent winter because he wouldn’t give her back. )

You may be feeling, as we say in the business, “challenged”.  Which is New-Age New-Speak for feeling awful, lost, suspended in action, existentially seasick and generally out of sorts.

We are forced to deal with issues we have been ignoring for sometime – for some of us, those issues started the last phase of Aries/Libra eclipses in 2004 – 2006. But crisis brings relief – sometimes redemption, reconciliation – even freedom. We look at relationships, deeper meaning, fairness and soulful connectedness. Throw into that the tense aspects of Mars (in Libra) Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and now is the time to face the tensions imposed upon us;  limitations from within us or things ‘outside’ of us, provoking crises around issues of Power, Action, Freedom, and Fairness.

Let’s not digress into an existential discussion of what’s ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ – it’s all there and it’s all you. The lunar eclipse in Libra calls you to examine where you end and others begin.

When you relate to your ‘others’ – your important others, your beloveds – what is it they ask for and what is it you give? How much can you give to stay in balance? Do you upset their harmony by making too many requests, asking for more than they can ever give? Are you the one flip-flopping like a Libra, giving more than you can spare and then resenting what is eagerly taken? Are you inconsistent in your expectations to give and receive, to deal fairly with others?

Libra is the sign of balance and justice – harmony and beauty – the other and the self .
Good relationships rest on equality, integrity and fairness – even when that’s not in your favour.
Know your boundaries and respect others and make this eclipse moment an opportunity to grow into and through love

Love is Never Wasted

Love, Asha Maria

for my sweet Librans, Tee, Evy, & Stacey – your sensitive balance keeps the rest of us from destroying each other ~ adore





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