Taurus Solar Eclipse

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Taurus Solar Eclipse – Strong Foundations

Today the Sun and Moon align in the sign of Strength and Stability, Taurus.
We are in the midst of a partial Solar Eclipse – an intensely powerful New Moon Phase.
It is time to hold your ground, secure in your values, sure of your foundation.
Present in your physical body find the pleasure & safety in the purely physical experience.

This is the 2nd eclipse in 14 days, on April 15th we had the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, and now with the aftermath phase of the last eclipse barely done it’s straight into the next. Eclipse effects are most intense in the week prior and the week following the astronomical event. (The week prior is the lead-up phase, the one after is aftermath/synthesis. Eclipse effects continue until the next Solar or Lunar eclipse moves us onto the next phase.)

Lunar Eclipses reveal deep feeling, usually hidden on the dark side of the Moon; bringing to the surface long hidden feelings relating to significant others, partnerships and the law. (Read more here.) You may have been drawing boundaries or realised the need for them, finding the point of balance between you and me.  Lunar eclipses bring messy, undefined experiences – something that we sense lurking in the shadows bubbling up – fluid, emotional and reactionary. It can be uncomfortable and upsetting; instinct and sentiment cannot be ignored or brushed aside – our ‘Moon’ self demands to be heard (more on the meaning of the Moon here).

The Solar Eclipse is a very different event. Instead of an involuntary exposure we are given an opportunity – we see something clearly. The New Moon phase is always a time of planning and seizing new opportunity. (More on the phases of the moon and working with them existentially, here) The Solar eclipse is a New Moon of great power in the sign of steadiness, strength and security – Taurus. The Sun and Moon both work together creating an open door to the realm of all things Taurean. If we work with the tide of this Solar Eclipse we can bring our Sun (ego-drive) and Moon (instinctive self) together to consolidate our values, hold ground, find peace in our bodies – gentle sense and enjoyment.

The opposite sign to Taurus is Scorpio – fighting the lessons of the eclipse provokes violent revolution, transformation through conflict, heightened intensity. Where Taurus finds her own values, holds to her view in the face of any force human or physical – Scorpio is constantly about challenging, provoking and rejecting the views of others (and yourself) in a constant, searing search for the authentic. The intensity of this search is such that stability is impossible and constant turmoil inevitable.

You of course are sovereign and can ride this Eclipse Tide however you like; it is simply that with different choices, different results follow. You can act deliberately – Taurus mode – or react defensively – Scorpio mode. Either way, it’s time to look at how we can make our world more secure, what is it that you actually want.

Steady strength,
Enduring love,
Solid values,
Physical awareness

 This is the 2nd of 3 Scorpio/Taurus solar eclipse phases, the last was in October 2013 (in Scorpio) and the final will also be in Scorpio (in October of this year). The Taurus/Scorpio polarity embraces the experience of comfort and steadiness and opposing intensity, volatility and conflict. Taurus is the most settled and steady sign of the zodiac – what is your base point? What do you actually need? What is fundamental to how you intend to live your life? What is yours – only yours – unchanging, fundamental – a basic point of reference for the rest of the philosophies, dreams, romance you lay over the top.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse brings a focus to resources – what you possess, material security, physical resilience, comfort and how you meet your needs on the most basic level. 

It is also time to consider your comfort in a self-centred way. Provide a solid foundation for yourself, then share your blessing with others.

The lesson of Taurus is to make your own self fast, make strong roots – then attend to other matters.

Scorpio (the opposite sign of Taurus) is about survival through any disaster by sheer tenacity, will power and ferocity. But Taurus survives because the limits are marked, what can be known is defined and kept strong, rest and enjoyment is stored up against potential catastrophes. Caution and good sense are reliable. Reaction is never predictable – and thus a threat to survival. Delay, slow plodding steps, creates space to make the most secure choice for a happy existence.  

So often we don’t know ourselves, we live with little insight as to what we really want. We are constantly distracted from our inner longings by seemingly urgent text messages, interpersonal conflicts and other miscellanea. Our own natural appetites and fundamental values are often mysteries to us. What is it we would reach for if we could hear the pleas of our bodies clearly? The same applies to our basic values – they are usually very simple, few and clear – but noise and thought gets in the way of touching them. There is reason (Libra) and passion  (Scorpio) and there is gut instinct – Taurus is instinct. It is time to find your foundations again – or build new ones if the old ones are no longer suitable. Perhaps your foundations were borrowed or weak to begin with. You get to choose – for the most part – what you build the rest of your life upon. Define yourself, don’t react to the definitions of others. That is not you. That is them.

If we don’t know what we need at the most base level how can anything else within us stand? Life is not gentle, rare are the moments of peace and enjoyment. But if the foundation is strong, if the roots go deep – if we know very simply what we need just for ourselves – we will survive.  We can stand our ground. Surface things can change but the base is in the bedrock. And Taurus is the bedrock.  Not everything can be known (Scorpio – the mysterious, hidden and forbidden) but physical reality can be known. No doubt you have run up against it, hard, a few times already. Even if we avoid it or run very fast, it will always assert itself.

Eclipses are said to bring sudden awareness, provoke life changing events or create disruption. But if you listen to the course of thoughts and actions over the prior weeks and months, you will see foreshadowing of the ‘sudden’ changes that are now clearly before you. From those whisperings and hints, draw something tangible, build something that is significant to you. Hold your ground and revel in the beauty of your strength.

May you be strong, resilient and secure. May you rest in pleasure, sense and comfort.

Love and starlight ~ Asha Maria

Each person has a unique astrological makeup so the eclipse effect is likewise unique for each person. Issues of security and continuity, comfort and stability may be expressed in your career, romance or identity sector depending on your Cosmic BluePrint.

7 thoughts on “Taurus Solar Eclipse

  1. Reblogged this on The Existential Astrologer and commented:

    The Moon is now full in Scorpio – beloveds the full forecast and post will arrive by tomorrow, for Scorpio reasons the Scorpio lessons of this full moon has to remain veiled for a little longer…but head on over to the Taurus New Moon post and have a think about what is coming to fruition for you from this month’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus…where can you expect to see revolution, release, transformation and a bit of healthy discomfort? From death to rebirth – Love, your Existential Astrologer


    1. I hope it brought you some clean space as we moved to the New Moon in Gemini. The 3rd cycle should bring the final chapter of your personal Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle to a close…


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