Moon in Leo – Dragged into the Spotlight


As the Moon moves to Leo it’s time to consider how did the Libra lunar eclipse and Taurus Solar eclipse affect you so far? Quarter moon phases are times of doubt and revision. Fine sentiment ar the new moon becomes a little shaky, we are not quite so sure as we were a week ago. The week post eclipse has now elapsed, traditionally this is the end of events triggered by that particular astrological event…now is a good time to see what you’ve got from it as we build up to the Full Moon on May 15.

Did you find the place where you feel safe and what you consider worthy? What work did you sort out with your significant others? How have you marked out your stuff and theirs? Hope you managed to strike a lovely Libran balance of delicacy and clarity if you had to mark emotional boundaries.  If it was time to stand up and bluntly state your needs the Taurus New Moon was the time to do it.

Libra – Fair relationships, what is shared, negotiated and what needs to be articulated for the sake of peace, clarity and harmony

Taurus – Finding a strong base and holding firm – resisting outside pressures, time to revisit your personal security.

It’s coming up to full moon in Scorpio on May 15 – with the first quarter today in Leo. The first quarter moon brings crisis as it forms a square aspect to the Sun. There is a conflict between instinct and what’s comfortable and how you need to go out into the world to fulfil your destiny, ego needs (Sun). The Leo moon can bring a sense of optimism, the appearance that we are not so attached to our emotions.  But the square aspect creates conflict behind the buoyant confidence and the whispering voice of doubt. The instinctual side (Moon) is afraid of being on display…but a Leo quarter Moon gives us little choice. Being the centre of attention right now may be required but it is not necessarily a comfortable or natural place right now. (Unless you’re a Leo ha!)

The full moon in Scorpio later in the month will bring to light the issues that you first began to sense at the New Moon/Eclipse in Taurus. Full Moon is always the culmination phase of the lunar cycle. You will face a challenge to the values you defined at the New Moon or release and resolution from something that seemed immovable (Taurus).  Where Taurus is stalwart, slow and stubborn, Scorpio strikes decisively; your instinct and emotions will be triggered. Time to see if you can really hold that ground after all eh? If things have been undefined trust this Full Moon in Scorpio to drag it into the light – for elimination or illumination. Or both.

 Love love love (and starlight) your Existential Astrologer

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