Mars Goes Direct

ARIES4-St-John-the-Baptist-Youth-with-Ram-human-body-Baroque-CaravaggioMars Goes Direct: Don’t Screw it Up Now

Mars has gone direct after a grindingly long 2 and half months retrograde in Libra (review it here and here).  Running head on at the goal is not possible when Mars is retrograde. We get there instead through tactical manoeuvres – sometimes the best approach when things won’t shift is to wait and prepare in the meantime.

Mars is never comfortable in Libra – it opposes the sign of Aries, his kingdom. Mars/Aries is the power of self, decisiveness and action. Libra is all about the other, gentleness, considered decisions and harmony. When Mars is in Libra he is the bloodied warrior playing peacemaker; he has to think carefully, act tactfully and consider others if anything is to get done. He becomes the General who considers the limitation of the law and the relationships affecting the situation and then acts – his victory is bloodless (or almost).

Anything achieved in the retrograde period was secured through painstaking care, conciliation and wise judgement. Now that Mars is direct again, those things you managed to win will stay firmly within your grasp. You know every side of the situation, having considered every option and made contingency plans; you have checked that the force applied was appropriate to the circumstances.

So what now? Mars is still in Libra, he is going back over the ground her covered when he was retrograde – caution and patience are still needed, we’re not home-free into sexy Scorpio yet (July 21). Don’t screw up the lessons you learned in tact and caution by pushing things immediately. ‘Things’ may have been annoying you, blocking your path and resistant to any action on your part for some time now – don’t overplay it, let it unfold. Manage things rather than trying to force a resolution – use Libran discretion to Act (Mars).

Retrograde cycles have a ‘shadow’ period when the planet goes back over the ground he covered (think about it…forward 3 steps, back 3 steps, you retrace 3 steps as you go forward before you reach new ground).  During the shadow phase you are challenged to use what you’ve learned to finalise those immovable tasks you’ve been running up against for (at least) the last 2 and a half months. Aspects of your battles may reappear during shadow phases. Annoying as it may be remember that the ‘pause’ in action of the retrograde has given you time to learn a new way to win your goal; consider alternative options & manage the situation with grace.

Mars gives us the energy to change anything if we have enough courage. If you weigh options judiciously before acting you have ‘cracked’ the lesson of this retrograde. Libra is notoriously indecisive but rarely does Libra make impulsively foolish choices. Those actions we had to put on hold, the infuriating obstacles that nothing could move start to respond to our efforts – we have tempered the skills and knowledge required. Patience and considered force  bring results (just not quickly). Careful work pays has a lasting effect. You might find things lift, suddenly, with no further input required on your part.

The direct movement of Mars comes during waning phase of the Scorpio Full Moon Cycle – the Moon Cycle of Death & Rebirth. For good or ill we reap the consequences of living by our values. You may know what seeds you have planted, how you have tended them and the fruit they will bear. If you didn’t make the effort to check in with yourself you may be surprised by what the reaper has brought you as we move into the last phases of the Scorpio Lunar Cycle, which ends May 29. The Taurus Solar Cycle ends tomorrow afternoon, May 21 as the Sun skips into Gemini, the sign of the Twins.  A direct, yet discrete, Mars moves things forward and you may find you end up with exactly what you have been asking for.

I hope you get what you wish for!

Love Asha Maria

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