Waning Moon in Taurus – A little quiet, please

ImageThe Barque of the Moon has sailed into Earthy Taurus. The Moon is ‘Exalted’ in Taurus. Outside of the sign she rules, Cancer,  the Moon shines most beautifully in the constellation of the Bull. Taurus power speaks of steady comfort, safety and incredible strength. The sign is ruled by Venus in her material aspect; sense, sensuality, instinct and a healthy appetite.

The Moon represents our emotional and sense life. In this sign Luna brings a warm and dreamy feeling combined with steadiness. Unlike the Pisces Moon which is full of fluctuating yearning and whimsical sentiment, the Taurus Moon is Love as Strength (and strength as an expression of love).

Those born with the moon in Taurus are steady and faithful in their love. Once she loves she does not change course with ease, often suffering greatly for the sake of a bond she values. Nurturers and emotional providers, the Lunar Taurean (of any gender) reflects the archetype of the Good Mother. The ancient understanding of Mother wasn’t a sexless Madonna. She was ample, fecund and the sustainer of human life and by extension, the Earth and human civilisation. Likewise the Taurus Moon phase calls us to care and look to how we sustain ourselves, how we prepare and store up strength.

The waning moon phase as all gardeners know is for pulling out spent plants, turning soil, adding conditioners before sowing new seed in the New Moon Phase. Likewise, it is time for remembering we are earth and of the earth, physical and fleshly. It is time to ‘put on condition’, and build up power for the next great push of the new lunar month. Life will soon bring adventure and challenges enough that will quickly use up those stores of strength. If you have the luxury of a quiet moment to rest, take it. Those who know the reality of tumult and chaos soon learn the value of seizing rest and holding it, when the lull comes.

Enjoy the quiet moon, rest and sleep. See you on the 29th for the New Moon!

Love, Asha Maria

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