Moon in Virgo – Get Organised

Galileo_moon_phases 4 The Moon has skitted out of Gemini through the first phases of growth and is a quarter full. The First Quarter Moon forms hard aspect to the Sun – we are challenged to revisit our New Moon Gemini aspirations. in Virgo, the Quarter Moon casts a critical eye over the fine, quick speech we were spouting at the New Moon. Following the Taurus Eclipse/Scorpio Moon were you telling everyone about your amazing self realisations, revised values and exactly how you were going to make it all happen?

It is time to actually DO something about those sparkling ideas – Virgo’s attention to detail challenges the whirling ideas and shimmering optimism of Gemini. It is the least material sign of the Zodiac. The greatest challenge with Gemini energy is a lack of depth and commitment, Virgo at the First Quarter makes us only too aware of this; we now have the chance to ‘catch up’ to our initial inspiration. Mars is Direct now, so no excuses. The path to action is as clear as it has been in a while and you have until June 7 before the next Mercury Retrograde phase in Gemini/Cancer. Get things ready and tidied up before the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 12 – your chance to shoot your arrows beyond the horizons of your daily life and into the wider world.

~ Love Asha Maria

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