Mercury Retro in Cancer – Longing for Home

The_Seven_Planets_-_MercuryMercury is now retrograde in Cancer

Communications slow down, we review family, roots, comfort and feel a little nostalgic. Our emotions – especially painful ones – bubble up from the deep as the Moon in Scorpio kisses Saturn (retrograde).

Cancer is the sign of nostalgia, family, heritage, roots, tradition. With Mercury turning retrograde in Cancer our mind turns to the past (again with this? really?!!) Saturn’s power to limit and ‘dry out’ is in abeyance – he is retrograde too, but in Scorpio (painful realisations). The reflective influence of Mercury helps us to mediate this consciously – and perhaps with a little critical distance. The slowing effect of the retrograde in the considered side of Cancer means we can work with this to make peace with family/origin-stories from the past. Falling in the Gemini New Moon cycle (the sign of the brothers) now may be time to make peace with the peers in your family.
The instinctive is carried to the conscious mind but we are more likely to sit with that feeling and take time to retreat and care for ourselves. The flow between these influences of memory and realisation and forgiveness gives us space and time to deal with anything Mercury drags up in his backward motion. Jupiter is also in Cancer and brings graciousness, a sense of generosity and acceptance.
The soothing influence of Venus is a little absent, we feel a bit distanced from comfort and enjoyment as she forms awkward aspects to Mercury, Saturn and the Moon (today). We may feel a lack of material resources and anxiety about providing for ourselves peaks over the next few days. Venus charm also means we’re not looking at things in the most positive light. Overall her influence in the next few weeks is lovely – exalted in Taurus, trine Pluto – she helps us get through any bumps on the road but she doesn’t smooth them over. We might not have all we want but we have what we need.
If people around you are retreating, preferring to stay at home – pull back into their ‘shell’ – let them. As the Mercury retrograde phase moves into Gemini the feelings will lighten up a little and we will start talking about whatever it is we are brooding on right now.
The Sign of Cancer is given to the Mother – you may find yourself focusing on your mother, memories of her and how she has shaped your identity. If you are a carer parent (Mother) you may be feeling self-critical and reviewing how you are doing and whether your ideas of motherhood reflect your actions. If you are experiencing this transit acutely don’t push yourself – or anyone else – this is a time of healing and truce. No experience, however awful, is ever wasted.
And you didn’t set up some ‘cosmic agreement’ either. Screw that New Age bs; sh*t happens, if you are unlucky it isn’t pleasant – if you are lucky and it has been pleasant thus far, be generous with others and help them to their feet again (if they ask). With the perspective of time; reflection and acceptance changes our interpretations of painful experience. We get over ideas of bad/good, un/lucky and see that who we are now is inextricable from who we were and what has happened to us – doesn’t mean we would line up for the experience again though!
Experience is a source of strength. You do not need to work through it or ‘get past it’. That is a Sisyphean task – impossible. Working with what is woven into you – what you cannot change –  use the path to strengthen your voice and care for others. Build your house from your experience, remember your origins and let them motivate you to do it better, or differently. Make something meaningful from your memory of early experiences.
With Saturn retrograde, we feel our usual ability to hold things back may be absent – the Mercury retrograde usual (miscommunications, internet/messaging issues, constant snafus) can be exacerbated as Saturn is in retreat. It’s up to us to order things as we see fit, not as we might have been told it should be. The Moon moves to Full in Sagittarius on the 12th, high hopes and little communications build into something that opens up your horizons. The house in your chart ruled by Sagittarius will determine where you feel these effects most.

~ Love Asha Maria.

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