Archer’s Moon – Full Moon Adventures

David Hemmings Aiming Bow and Arrow inHearts lifting after the last few days of the Moon in Scorpio we bound into the glorious full moon in Sagittarius with renewed optimism and good-natured self confidence. Sagittarius is the Archer, eternal hopeful, curious, courageous and free (Read more here). With the Full Moon shimmering in the sign of the Archer we are all ready to let go a little, our horizon opens and we see the big picture – everyone let out a collective sigh of relief!

The stinging sense of the Scoprio Moon of the last 2 days has been left behind –and Archer’s Moon brings relief and laughter.

This New Moon cycle started in Gemini following an Eclipse that brought our values into sharp focus. The New Moon phase was the time to put those decisions to work. We have been busy for the last 2 weeks collecting information, communicating and networking. That is, if you avoided the tendency to indulge in fine words while flicking between tabs on your web browser very busy getting nothing done…! Your efforts at chatting your way to success will be showing some results now.

In terms of the year overall this Full Moon brings to us opportunity beyond our normal horizons. Archer’s Moon is about taking aim and striking incessantly; running headlong towards the goal and when you reach it, don’t pause! Run and run, casting arrows into the distance til the blood is in your mouth and your breath is gone, run for joy and freedom and the sport of it…never lose hope and don’t let the haters get you down. ha.*

Around the world the Archer and Hunter are woven together in one sexy bow-slinging archetype; the adventurer who travels far, bringing back with him new knowledge of other places, of medicine, food and a new way of seeing the world. (Hence the mystical ties to religion, civilisation and Art). His vision extends far beyond the known, communal world. But he backs it up with curiosity and experience. He understands possibility because he has seen such strange things on his solitary journeys that suspend critique. The rest of us mere mortals may lose hope, the Archer never. Magic is around the next bend if you have courage enough to run ahead of the pack – for the sake of the adventure not the reward it may bring. Once you master that sleight-of-mind, you will reap many rewards, curious and exotic and materially essential. A hunter is after all out in the wild beyond to find food, skin to clothe, new places to drink from not just hook up with the lad(ies) from the village in the next valley.

The Archer’s Moon challenges us to try our luck and see what we can make of it. We feel the world is expanding beyond the limits that usually bind us. Take your chance and run with it. Shift your perspective from the local neighbourhood (Gemini) to the global (Sagittarius).  Use the light of this Full Moon to find confidence and joy, feed your curiosity about the world outside of wherever you are right now physically or metaphorically. Let the rays of Jupiter and the Moon open the road ahead and dream of something wonderful just beyond view.

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer of course so hold onto your optimistic Full Moon view of the world as you revisit issues of foundation, memory and the past. Sagittarius moves forward, make sure you look at your Mercury retrograde journey in light of the Future and what you can do with that knowledge. The past is a powerful resource – use it to build a future that match your highest ideals.

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius Beloveds – let me know how it went by leaving a little comment below.

Love ~ Asha Maria

*(Sorry couldn’t resist that one. )

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