Cancer – The nurturer, nostalgic & snippy social commentator

The Sign of Cancer
Ruled by the Moon
21 June – 22 July*

 Nurturing, nostalgic, loyal, tenacious, secretive, caring, family-oriented, proud of roots and history.

Gentle, enduring, security focused (often through financial tenacity – the notorious Cancerian stinginess!)

Cautious, loathe to leave the house, will choose comfort over a challenge if it presents the opportunity for gain, conservative and not prone to bouts of ebullience of blind optimism.

Rarely does the Cancer give into impulse. He prefers to approach problems side-on before a quick advance to the front once victory is all but assured. Where Scorpio will relish the chance to go on the attack to protect you from perceived attackers – no matter how risky (or perhaps, especially because there is a high risk!) the Cancerian is more likely to fold you in his warm embrace and tuck you into bed. After you cry yourself to sleep he will contact mutual friends to destroy your opponent’s social reputation in a steady campaign of astute character assassination. He understands the importance of networks, reputations and relationships and he uses them for his ends. No one makes his friend cry. He’ll achieve his ends without making a scene – Crabs don’t like scenes, it’s too unpredictable & unpleasant. The Cancerian snips carefully at her reputation with clever words, astute knowledge of his audience and before your attacker knows it, her name is shreds.

Cancerians are acutely aware of social opinion. Following on from the sign of Gemini (communication, speech) Cancer uses this knowledge with more care – Gemini collects information and can tend to just blurt it out. Cancer knows how networks operate – to work well networks rely on trust and relationships. Cancerians also understand that reputation is reality. If a Cancerian is looking at you quietly while you share your life secrets, be warned, he has put you in an indelible file. Whether he uses the information for fond recollection in 10 years time or gossip tomorrow is in his hands now. But if he is your friend, he is unlikely to turn on you suddenly. You will have plenty of warnings and usually he will just move sideways. Unless you insult someone closer into his circle of trust – then you’re cut.

There is a certain kind of ruthless pragmatism to the Crab and this is part of why the sign given to the tarot trump The Chariot. It doesn’t matter how they define family – they will defend ‘their people’. Cancerians will fight strongly & steadily for what they believe in. They are not wide-eyed idealists (Aquarius I’m looking at you!) or ebullient optimists (Sagittarius!). Cancer uses the resources of the past, conservative values and bonds forged through loyalty to achieve  his ends.

Oh and the nostalgia. That friend who insists on reliving the past by posting links to 90’s memes, parodies of popular music from your youth or ‘remember this’ and then tags people from high school you were hoping couldn’t possibly find you… that person will have a lot of Cancerian influence in their chart. Humour it, it matters to her, and it is also very charming and nice – nice to know you are still close as ever after all these years. Nice to remember the youthful closeness, that for your Crab those memories are present and real and very precious.

Financially cautious Cancerians can establish comfort and even wealth as they are not prone to gambling or dissipating their energy, they tend to work hard and spend money carefully. To a Sagittarius or a Pisces, Leo or an Aquarius this seems miserly. Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and Aries will understand and respect the principle.

Cancerian loversare loyal, they are unlikely to enthusiastically embrace casual arrangements or ‘open’ relationships. There’s insufficient scope for their devotion and too much disruption (and risk). Cancer needs stability – loyalty is generally expressed according to established rules & values. Of course there are polyamorous Cancerians – but their charts have plenty of other factors that modify their relationship expression. (Still, there is a stability to their seemingly ‘alternative’ arrangement – it brings more security according to their own value systems & experiences.) Cancerians are most often found in monogamous, comfortable relationships, often with children or pets (or other strays that need nurturing). If you hurt your Cancerian lover’s feelings you will be pinched and they are skilled at sulking. You may have to placate, massage the ego and coax them out of it. Do not tease, storm out or stamp your foot. You will be facing a Cold War which your Cancerian will also never let you forget even if you were forgiven a year ago. Crabs love for life, will always nurture you and remind you to care for yourself with blankets, hot meals, tea and cuddles – along with snippy social commentary, withering critique and bouts of melancholic retreat.

Cancerians are mothering types at heart but can appear stand-offish at first. They are suspicious of newcomers – if you prove your worth you are warmly received but they protect their people and until you have established your credentials you may find yourself warmly received but held at a polite distance. Crabs do not forget acts of loyalty, prove that and you will be ‘in’ her exclusive club.

If you betray your Cancerian you will find yourself cut off from the warmth without notice. You will be given many chances – usually spoken gently. Don’t waste them thinking the Cancerian is just a soft touch – keep in touch, send her little care packages, accept her gestures of kindness and love with thanks and recognition. Even if it’s an awkward sweater moment. Remind her of that wonderful thing you did together last week or last year or when you first met. Appreciate her vast store of social history and respect her tenacious loyalty. Her strength on the outside belies an inner softness, so be gentle on her when it comes to her own private life but enjoy critiquing others with that hilarious snippiness.

Nurturing – Nostalgic – Loyal – Committed – Family Oriented – Needs Security – Comfort Loving- Defensive


*Allowing for annual variance of cusp date

OMG I am a Cancer and that is so not me!! Is this how you’re feeling right now? Hmmm you are probably one of those weirdos that has conflicting aspects in your chart that overwhelm your Sun Sign nature…. read these posts on the Sun, the Ascendant and the Moon Sign for more information. Sun Sign interpretations are at best approximate at worst vague – your astrological blue print is unique. Email me on to organise a chart interpretation and find out why you are a pro-risk, volatile, ebullient and reckless Cancerian.

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