Jupiter – Luck & The Wheel of Fortune

The Principle of Expansion, Growth and Luck

Ruler of Sagittarius – Generosity, Optimism, The Greater World, Nobility, Philosophy and Civilisation (informed by philosophy and the arts)

Mundane Ruler of Pisces – Expressed as generosity, mercy, compassion, abundance, (over) indulgence and luxury. Before Neptune was discovered in the 19th Century Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces. I still consider this as a co-ruler of the sign but affecting the expression of the sign in a different manner.

Tarot Correspondences –

  • Major Arcana – The Trumps
    The Wheel of Fortune – Trump X: Ruled by Jupiter
  • Art/Temperance – Trump XIV: Sagittarius
  • The Moon – Trump XVIII – Pisces

Minor Arcana (Small Cards)
4 Swords – The Lord of Peace (Jupiter in Libra)
8 Swords – The Lord of Shortened Force (Jupiter in Gemini)
6 Wands – The Lord of Victory (Jupiter in Leo)
2 Pentacles – The Lord of Harmonious Change (Jupiter in Capricorn)


In your own astrological chart Jupiter represents:

  • Areas of growth,
  • The principle of Expansion – if Jupiter forms a conjunction with another planet, he amplifies and extends that power
  • What you believe in – your highest ideals and ethics
  • Luck – when Jupiter forms harmonious aspect with any planet, the planet’s energy is most beneficent, increasing the action of the other planets affected in a gentle way. Even a ‘difficult’ aspect  such as a square is modified by a positive Jupiter aspect.
  • Your general fortune, whether you have a positive view of life and your ‘luck’
  • How you indulge (yourself and others); provide for and protect – through authority roles – significant others/dependents (i.e. How you express your ‘Father’ nature)

As for luck, well – mostly it’s what you make of it.

Love, your Existential Astrologer

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