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Venus opposition Saturn – Love & Reality

facing the demon
The Venus opposition to Saturn is making us look hard at 2 what really need.

All the outer planets – the impersonal forces – are behaving strangely, Mars, Jupiter & Uranus are locked up in the Grande Cross and Mercury is in review mode. We are left with Venus, Sun and Moon unencumbered by weirdness – the focus is now on our relationship with our identity: what we are (Sun), what we need (Moon) and what we like (Venus). Venus in Taurus (her natural home) is in opposition to Saturn Rx (retrograde) in Scorpio. As there’s a Grande Cross going on most of us are caught up in some change/restriction stuff integration phase to varying degrees of severity/chaos/revolution. Go gentle on everyone, a lot is going on and guess what that means…you’re going to have to meet your own needs for now. Everyone else is AWOL.

The needs for comfort, affection & love opposes hard truth & the sure knowledge that you may need to change things in a deep and lasting way. For others it’s a call to wake up to the love that is available and to stop fighting against enjoyment just because it will end. Yes, we know Saturn people. All good things come to an end, then we grow some more and more good things come from that. So stop killing the buzz. Pessimism is not realism and stop making things so hard for yourself. And being lax is not optimistic or trust in the divine. It’s lazy and reckless Venus people!

Saturn in Scorpio is distrustful, self-reliant, often at the expense of connection. The connection offered then withers for lack of response and our pessimism is reinforced. – see! You can’t trust anyone!
Venus in Taurus  wants pleasure, preferably someone else to do the hard work and security from disruption and change (i.e. reality). She denies pressing needs that will have an impact into the long term because maybe, someone else will sort it out or it just feels unpleasant and unpleasant is bad.
Through the lesson of the Venus/Saturn opposition we find a balance between these conflicting tendencies.

I have been noticing 2 main expressions of this in my nearest and dearest.

Experience 1: Fatigue with the conflict between dreams of the heart & reality. Sharp awareness of true needs and the limit of the resources actually available. Need for structural change of a deep and lasting kind is needed (Saturn in Scorpio). Hard truths you have avoided for a long time come into focus – and the Grande Cross tensions bring the realisation that there’s just no avoiding it. That vague fantasy of happily-ever-after isn’t coming – you have to fix the mess yourself. Which is annoying, because there’s been a lot of mess to fix of late. But, the exalted influence of Venus in Taurus also means you have the capacity to do so and these lessons may not be so painful as you feared. While Saturn in Scorpio can create a too-keen awareness of just how much we lack, and amplify deep self-doubt. Venus in Taurus reminds us how much we already have – she is littler than Saturn – but she is closer than to us. He rules the long-term view ( often pessimistically)- she rules the short-term view ( sometimes too optimistically). A tendency to enjoy the comforts of now is thrown into contrast with a larger, pressing reality that needs attention. Those with planets of points in Taurus are most affected.

Experience 2. Gracious acceptance of the love and sweetness available right now, avoiding the temptation to wish upon a star. By remaining present happiness of the sweetest kind reveals itself. The realisation that, although the broad view may not be so bright right now, at the moment things are pretty nice and it’s ok to just enjoy company, kindness and little comforts. There is also a kind of ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to creativity. Real-world restrictions are sidelined (Saturn) but so is wide-eyed idealism which dreams big and does nothing (Neptune). Painters, poets, creative writers and designers have an opportunity to get a lot done and impact the outside world at the same time. The effect of Saturn means any impact you make now has the potential to last – particularly for those with planets or points in Scorpio.

Love sweetly but sensibly – the terms are not mutually exclusive. Use what you have wisely but balance the need for prudent planning with the necessity of little pleasures materially and emotionally. Enjoy the sweet in the routine and certain, mindful of the constant uncertainty that is part of existence. Attend to your survival – give and receive love and ask yourself – what is it I really need?

Love, love, love and common sense

Asha Maria

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