From Darkness to Light – Happy Winter Solstice


The Sun has left the house of the chatterbox children, Gemini and enters the sign of Cancer, the house of the Moon, the Mother. The Solar energy here in the Southern Hemisphere is at it’s nadir. The power of growth is directed towards the roots of plants, growth slows it’s time for quiet consideration and cuddling up somewhere warm with your beloveds. The most important part of being human is being part of the thing called community, or family, or brothers – a place called home,  that we share with all the other humans. Your ancestors celebrated this night, conscious of how fine the balance is between survival and death. We must pool what we have, economise wisely and find the joy in what we have if any of us are to make it.

So build a bonfire, eat delicious home-cooked food, give hot chocolate to the children and something appropriately Northern European like mulled wine or scrumpy for the ‘grown-ups’. Pool what’s left of your resources after you’ve paid the bills and the rent and indulge in it altogether – it’s the modern equivalent of eating up the last of the Winter stores before they spoil (which is what we did at Winter Solstice back in the day).

As the fire dies down, like the heat of year, leap over the coals and burn up all old bonds, shadows of the past. Give to the dark what is her own and from it call potential for that which is before you – unformed and  for now, faintly sensed.

Say your thanks through the smoke for the dark side of your year. The shadows you passed through are your initiatory marks, mysteries which only you possess – they have been lived & survived before. They will be suffered and survived again.

Your existence is testimony to the survival of your ancestors against the greatest odds.

Give thanks for that which sustained you

Give thanks for mystery and darkness, silence and rest

As the firelight traces the images of your love ones see the signs of your ancestors, the memory of continuity, of obligation and fulfilment. You are a long-ago dream now living, and your children will live it after you.

The Sun always rises Again

Love ~ Asha Maria




2 thoughts on “From Darkness to Light – Happy Winter Solstice

    1. Thank you Marg. It’s been a deep experience for me at my Saturn return to surrender to the shadow and accept the pain of initiation – to understand that gratitude for the understanding won by the pain is not the same thing as approving of or inviting it. As my work continues and I encounter others with similar stories or challenges of the same intensity (albeit a different type of experience) I grow more accepting and grateful for the initiatic trials. Without these scars I would be useless, shallow or at worst dismissive. So hail the darkness and the gentle wisdom of Sun in Cancer…to retreat and nurture and hold close what is dear. ♡


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