Grand Cross II – From Chaos – Creation

A little review of the last Grande Cross Phase in April. We are now in the middle of Grande Cross – Round III as we head towards the New Moon in Cancer. Mercury is still mixing it up retrograde in Gemini and the Moon is at her darkest point in the sign, along with Lady love, also in Gemini. Stay tuned today (or early tomorrow) for a post on the final stage of the Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto Grande Cross x Asha

the existential astrologer

hadesGrande Cross Round 2 – Through Chaos to Creation

You may remember back in January when Venus was retrograde in Capricorn, we were reassessing our relationships- did they meet our needs? Are our long term ambitions being thwarted or supported by those we are close to? We had to face some practical truths about what we really need from those we love and work out whether we should keep things as they are or make some economical choices about how much energy we have for what doesn’t work.  On January 8, 2014 the Grande Cross of Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter formed. At that time Mars was direct but Venus – the gentlest planet who smoothes everything over – was absent, retrograde. Many of you may have experienced an intense disruption to the status quo, it was a volatile and potentially violent time. Issues boiling under the surface for some time – psychically, materially, socially…

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