Grande Cross III – Synthesis

JupiterWe are now in the final act of our Grande Cross journey caught between the tensions of Pluto, Uranus and Mars. These are the agents of transformative power, chaos and drive – Jupiter makes it all bigger, louder and impossible to ignore. But … if we accept the (probably harsh) lessons these transits have brought us, we may snatch some good fortune from it all.

We had the first round of 2014 in January during the Venus Retrograde transit. Long-standing tension exploded and we were called to evaluate just what we want from significant relationships and how much more we are willing to take (or give). You may have been forced to find you voice or speak to your actions as the volatile astrological weather dragged unconscious and long standing issues to the surface. Venus’ power to smooth and calm was in abeyance – in the midst of clashing powers we were challenged to take back our power; you may have prevailed, most likely with a few war wounds. If you lost that particular battle, the best thing was to retreat and regroup before the next round. Read more about January’s Grande Cross I here.  

Around April 17 the second cross formation aligned – the same planets, the same signs, but this time Mars was retrograde. Mars represents action;  in Libra and going backwards he was behaving like proud Achilles sulking in his tent; he imply refused to act.  Round II of the Grande Cross presented us with some similar issues to January – but with little chance (or call) to take charge and snatch your power back from those who would seize it. It was a time for managing the other parties through calculated diplomacy. This was a phase to consider options and steel your will. With the Sun in the sign of Aries along with Uranus – some unusual flashes of insight gave us hints as to how we just might break out of the decade-long Uranus square Pluto box-of-doom – and what we might do differently.

Now we enter Round III – The Sun is in Cancer is kicking Jupiter into his generous and radiant mode ( the negative aspect of Jupiter is inflation and exaggeration). Mars, Uranus and Pluto are in tight formation but Pluto is retrograde – there is less volatility and heart-rending transformation. This round of the grande cross will be less transformative but less confronting. The Mercury Retrograde transit in Gemini helps us to skate over difficult memories, understanding from a critical distance the limits of the present situation and the useful bits of understanding we can grab from the reassessment.

The retrograde of Saturn and Neptune leaves only Uranus of the outer planets active. The Outer Planets rule broad, spiritual themes – the inner planets, the personal, daily life. This Grande Cross is focused on the most intimate aspects of our lives and our view of ourselves in terms of family and home (Sun and New Moon in Cancer.) Self-care is important right now and a little time of reflection and retreat to think on your achievements and stuff-ups works well right now.

This is the final chapter of the Grande Cross lesson you have been learning since January 2014 and it hasn’t always been comfortable. You may barely recognise yourself – having experienced such rapid change and growth through the sometimes harsh lessons in this process. As phase 3 kicks into gear the focus comes back to ourselves rather than our relationships with others (January 15), the final phase is always that of integration and completion. Just at  a different level; rather than a circle – a spiral.

We greet this Grande Cross tempered by the journey thus far. We arrive with an acceptance of limits –  what we are willing to accept but also what we simply cannot accept if we want to survive. The struggle to assert ourselves and deal with the fallout transforms to integration of decade-long lessons. If we want it we can go one further and fall into gracious acceptance (Jupiter in Cancer).

The gentler souls have been provoked to speak up for themselves (Mars) and burst-forth confidently into this new self  – often in direct confrontation with familial values. We may have lost the old (dysfunctional) & comfortable structures and invited to transform (Pluto). At some point, difficult situations and relationships get beyond the point of ‘character building test’. No more can be done, we are absolved of further obligation and by accepting that, we can let loose that which binds us. The acceptance of this loss – however it came to you – is the path out from the oppressive aspects of the Grande Cross (and decade long square between Uranus and Pluto).  What seemed like painful loss is transformed again from necessary acceptance and submission to fate into a new dynamic.

You couldn’t experience this rebirth without renouncing control and what was no longer working – and hasn’t worked for a long time, old pattern, shells of self – the not-you. You  may find yourself, as I do, astounded at the transformations within and around you and the discovery that, even the worst pain can lead to gentleness and peace. For others the cycles of confrontation, provocation, explosiveness and volatility has lead to liberation, an acceleration of change enabling a leap into a new life and the chance to reconstruct the self according to one’s will, needs and the resources at hand. It’s not time to get moving just yet, Mars doesn’t leave Libra until later in the month. But with Mercury direct on July 7 and Mars moving into his sign, Scorpio, all this hard work will now carry you forward.

For those wanting a little more detail….

Here’s a quick recap of the 4 planets forming the square:

Mars  is the planet of aggression and action (finally going forward but inhibited by his presence in gentle Libra).
Jupiter is the lord of grandeur, he expands what he touches – in Cancer he makes family, origins, mothering and care for others more significant. We are more gracious and can draw good fortune easily from this source if we choose to.
Uranus is the unexpected, the element of chaos, disruption and is in self asserting Aries.
Pluto is the lord of rebirth through destruction, issues of power and control (chilling out in retrograde motion in Capricorn, structure, order and worldly ambition).

Those with planets and points in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra are most affected. Then Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) and  Scorpio (ruled by Pluto); Sagittarius (Jupiter) to a lesser degree.  Your chart is individual and this cross will simultaneously touch 4 different spheres of life – this is the place the planets are expressed (e.g. 2nd house – material assets/values, 6th house – employment, health; 9th – higher education, philosophy; 12th house – unconscious, dream world, hidden things).

11 thoughts on “Grande Cross III – Synthesis

  1. I am a Libra and my husband is a Cancer (today’s his bday) and we have been feeling this. January exploded on us, but what you say about a “decade-long Uranus square Pluto box-of-doom” just completely resonates. I walked away from the garbage and tension in January, but my nature was to try as hard as I could to smooth it over and make it better, but how could I with Venus in retrograde. No one would allow it. So with that, we have done a 180 degree turn with our lives and so many possibilities opened up.
    So much understanding and healing has taken place. We embraced the change and stopped fighting it. I feel like we’re right on the cusp of so many amazing life changes. Dang, the dates you even give are spot on.


    1. Hi hispetitelle, love that this post spoke to you and helped you make sense of what can often be a vague and conflicting experience – transforming an intimate relationship from where it was to become something that serves you both – as a couple and as individuals. It’s a hard balance whether you choose to continue or choose to take differing paths. May you both find gentleness at this time of growth and transition. We’ve also had some Aries/Libra and Scorpio/Taurus eclipses throughout these periods of the Grande Cross which have really complicated and intensified matters! Search the category box or search field for those posts ♡ Asha


  2. Asha, your posts on the Grande Cross(es) have illuminated my year! I’m an Aquarius, and everything you’ve written has rung true for my experience this year. Love your work!


    1. Thanks Inga. I’m an Aqua too, so our experiences would’ve matched well. Uranus is our ruler so this Grande Cross brought more of the spontaneous, disruptive, and downright freakin’ messed up and inexpicable in each of these transits. I also have significant planets and points in the Scorpio/Taurus axis so the eclipses have been messing me up and spinning me around too (in ultimately, very good ways!) Have you found the process constructive or still shaking from the fallout? x


      1. A bit of both. At the beginning of the year was more full on, now experiencing the constructive aspect increasingly. So messed up and then slowly new things emerging! x


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