Astrology – Not Just New Age Crap! Culture! Tradition! Mythos!

The Return of Neptune - Copely The Return of Neptune – Copely

Ignore the psychic expos, the  mystic phone line or your daily report from the ‘Star Signs’ app.
All are transparently generic: at best folksy ‘chin up’ kind of aphorisms, at worst schlocky marketing designed to fleece the desperate & lonely.

Astrology is part of Our Story, Our Culture; ancient mythologies woven through every aspect of our lives. Every myth, every story cycle we have, reflects archetypes that have survived millennia. Every archetype in turn references a story or body within a mythos that is reflected across many cultures and geographical spaces; they are our broader conceptual framework. The way we interpret and synthesise our experiences is largely defined by our archetypical systems; and the collective and ancestral unconscious they dwell in. This is why we can all identify with the concept of the Moon, or the Ram – or if you are culturally fluent with Chinese Astrology – the meaning of the Rabbit or…

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