Libra Moon -Striking the Right Balance


The moon is now in Libra approaching the first quarter. We are in the Cancer New Moon cycle which calls us to focus on issues of family, the home and self-care. The first quarter moon phase begins to light up the night sky again after the dark phase and so we say this is the time that first light is thrown on matters relvant to this Cancer New Moon cycle.

What you thought you had worked out in relation to home, family identity and comfort is up for some critical assessment. Nothing too disruptive – just the repetition of a theme that’s been hammering away at you since Mars entered Libra about 5 months ago (and let’s not forget those 3 Grande Crosses). Because the first quarter moon is in Libra you may be considering:
• have I been fair and equitable in my actions?
• do I meet both my needs and others?
• how do I balance my life so I can both care for my self and family (Cancer) and actively promote myself in the world (upcoming Capricorn Moon) and not be an a** to my friends.

There’s also a growing awareness that me vs. them thinking is redundant and working in gracious partnership sharing skills, resources and knowledge is what makes us contribute meaningfully (Libra) to our closest ones; whether they are family or friend-family they are our support and foundation. As the 3 Grande Cross phases of 2013/14 have shown, issues of family and fairness have been unavoidably brought to our attention recently. You may have let go of connections that do not work – long standing, even familial ones. You may also have finally woken up to the wonderful love around you and started listening to and caring for all those who’ve put up with your bs for the last…I don’t know…ten years or so. (Read more on the Grande Cross by searching the field in the side bar –>).

With this month’s New Moon in Cancer the aspects of the Grande Cross are all activated through the quarter and full phases of this moon cycle. So, in terms of family and home you’ll be getting some answers and some more surprises on any big questions as the moon first transited Jupiter and Sun in Cancer (New Moon) now Mars in Libra (1st Quarter). At the Full Moon in Capricorn in 1 week there will be a Pluto conjunction “real-world volatility” and the final quarter in Aries will add an element of zinging chaos as the Moon touches Uranus. (More as we approach each phase as my the month unfolds).

Be ready for some further revelations on the ongoing significant issues at play in your life – while the Moon is in Libra take care not to make snap judgements or restore you imbalance by sudden, severe corrections. The now direct Mercury in Gemini can make it too easy to express our tempers if we feel we’ve not been treated equally leading to distressing overwhelm or hasty speech.

Sometimes this transit works beautifully – the Moon mediating the drive and vigour of Mars to realise our vision and act upon our feeling. But Mars is all messed up in Libra; sulking, fuming and frustrated. Our emotions burst out – we desperately want justice, fairness and equality from our significant other or the institutions that uphold law – all Libra themes. Instead of gentle adjustment (Libra ruled by Venus) we make snap(py) judgements (Mars in Libra). Then, realising we are unfair we flick back again. You might feel you are bouncing between two extremes; muddled, hurt and conflicted. Mars is action, the Moon rules instinct. Use the Libran powers of judicious assessment and cautious judgement  to slow down your responses, measure them out and work out what is going on for you before you let the sword drop.

Love Asha Maria

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