Moon in Scorpio – Retrieval from the Underworld

orpheus - lechter

The Moon sails into Scorpio today – sense grows sharp, feeling can sting or overwhelm and we are only satisfied with probing the heart of things. How do you deal with your personal underworld? What lurks there and do you run or return to retrieve the blessèd souls trapped there? What did the waters of the Styx take from you? Hope? Trust? Gentleness? The Scorpio Moon cycle reminds us sometimes of what we’d rather leave in the past (especially with the ruler, Pluto in retrograde – our severe control of what we’d rather let lie is useless. If it arises, we can use this moon transit to face things with gentle acceptance. It does not rid us of those stories, but they remain where they belong, soothed and restrained from wreaking further destruction.

With this Moon Cycle in Cancer our focus is on security, roots and family. The intense feeling of the Scorpio moon transit focuses our attention on what needs to be eliminated and what must be transformed within these domains. We progress to the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12 where the fruits of our work come to light, ripened for better or worse. Have you planted new seeds or bitter seeds? Take this Scorpio moon phase to probe your motives and release what can bring you no comfort.

The song of the heart soothes the hellhound and retrieves what was taken so cruelly. Orpheus went through hell singing to retrieve his beloved Eurydice. Learn from his lesson. Don’t doubt, don’t look back, if the gods grant you a second chance who are you to say – ‘it cannot be?’. Your trust, your hope, your heart’s joy is returning to you. Don’t be impatient, returning to the day-light world takes time.

Love Asha Maria

3 thoughts on “Moon in Scorpio – Retrieval from the Underworld

  1. My feelings really were on overwhelm. Oh really see how the past can come like a flood, but I reached out to the right people for comfort and I was comforted. I’m looking forward to the full moon. I’ve been working hard and joyfully planting good seed.


    1. This post has been one of my most popular so far – and following after the Grande Cross Round III I think a lot has been brought to the surface for many people. I always find the Moon in Scorpio is a sharp time, when we can’t ignore our unconscious and sense experiences. The Moon will roll into Sagittarius later tomorrow (here in Australia) and you will feel it lift a little and focus return to your Cancer New Moon work. ❤


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