Aries Sun Babies – 101

Aries – The Ram


“Let’s Go Play!”

Support her by:

  • Giving room for adventure, accidents and lots of choices so she feels in charge
  • Gentle discipline with firm boundaries and room for loud tantrums – she has a strong will but her warmth means she gets over things quickly.
  • Teach her by example to take it slower and allow others to speak. Do this by teaching negotiation skills and always follow up what you agreed to
  • Lots of physical exercise
  • Robust play
  • Teach her the power of withdrawing when in a mood – by doing the same yourself and telling her about your process

Celebrate her power

Teach her to lead gently – power is responsibility

Remember her tough exterior hides an innocent way of seeing the world – don’t be tough with her heart.

More on the Ram Baby here

2 thoughts on “Aries Sun Babies – 101

    1. An Aries girl is truly a gift wrapped in warrior armour – loving, wild and strong willed. Astoundingly indifferent to outdated attitudes of how girls ‘should’ behave. It’s always hilarious and also exhausting. Do you get asked – does she always have this much energy? …. Yes. Yes she does. From the moment she wakes up til the moment her eyes shut it’s non stop.


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