Moon in Sagittarius – A Quiet Optimism

We now leave the sharp Scorpio moon phase for the open plains of Sagittarius.  We look up from our preoccupations with the private process of our most painful stories brought to us by the Scorpio Moon. As we realise that the horizon is spread out before us the spirit recalls it’s wings and is willing to explore once more.  We are participating in a new cycle of growth around the Cancer New Moon theme of  family, roots, comfort, close relationships leading up to the Full Moon on Saturday in Capricorn.

The Sagittarius Moon, with her philosophical and adventurous bent, restores good humour and a willingness to start work again, without the sense of overwhelm so many of us have been feeling in the last few days. The sign of the Archer is also about faith & luck – which are pretty much the same thing, let’s be honest! Even if you are carrying emotional burdens at the moment, trust to your Gods or the roll of the dice to bring you a new fortune that you can do something with. Maintain the faith that your chance will come but you’ll be in no state to seize it if you are hiding under your doona sobbing (said almost every Sagittarius ever).

While the Moon is in the sign of the Archer, take time to explore other perspectives and (all) the possible paths beyond painful feelings around matters of family & personal security. Consider your highest values around family/home life and examine what moves can be made to bring reality in line with your ideals.

The Moon moves to full on Saturday, July 12 in the sign of Capricorn. The Cancer New Moon/Capricorn Full Moon polarity calls us to consider how our private life, home and roles as nurturers support our public face, career and authority roles.

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