The Prince of Pentacles – Building Power

prince-of-disks-thothThe Prince of Disks (Knight of Disks or Pentacles) is both sustaining and active. Unlike the rest of the princes he pauses before he acts – but once he gets moving he is unstoppable. He has planned and has pragmatic insight to back up the action he takes. Only downside is for a prince he’s a little staid. He wants to mark out the territory before he gallops into it. Think knight in shining Armour meets well prepared boy scout/geography teacher. A little earnest bit reliable. Gets sh*t done (properly, the first time). The Princes/Knights correspond to the Knaves/Jacks of the common playing cards.

When he appears he shows your attitude or headspace, how you’ve been acting. He can suggest how you might want to act to sort your problem out. He also shows a person of any gender behaving with these characteristics or with this personality “type”. You might be moving again after working out your plans, or though off to a slow start, you are gaining traction which has mass behind it. Once you are going at speed you will be irresistible.

This Prince is a capable manager; economical, practical and a skilled labourer. Likes to plan before he acts, stubborn preferring to stick to his own opinion than take counsel with others. Dependable and kind behind a reserved exterior he loves the world of the known, the 5 senses, the agricultural aspect of nature and creature comforts.

His bad side is a lazy, self-indulgent bore who sticks with the rules if it means he stays safe. He doesn’t like anything foreign to his experience and can play the bigot who likes to spout ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ – so long as his needs are met.

Generally the Princes (Knights) and Princesses (Pages)  show younger people, the Kings and Queens mature adults. But we can all manifest our inner Knight when something needs to be done – we are not young idealists (the Page) or so secure we don’t want to take a risk (Kings). The Prince is the opportunity for movement in the area of your life he turns up in. The Prince of Pentacles counsels us to work steadily to achieve the goal, building power slowly – so we don’t burn out. He also warns us against being blind to other options, lateral thinking-solutions or the power of spontaneous creativity to illuminate and strengthen one’s purpose.


Meaning:Working steadily to achieve your goal, building speed cautiously, sustained effort, pragmatism, material activity, service to others, working hard, sensible and reliable person or behaviour

Averse Meaning: Staid attitude, close-minded, conservative and rigid, avaricious (materialistic), acquisitive at the expense of the finer aspects of your nature, riding over others to get to your goal.

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