Full Moon in Capricorn – Supportive Structure


The full moon is exact tonight, July 12. The Moon will appear larger and fuller as it is at perigree – it’s closest to the Earth. Which is appropriate because the sign the Moon rules is Cancer and we are in the Cancer New Moon phase. This moon cycle is all about Moon power, the principle of Nurturing, Home and Family. The sign of Cancer also rules nostalgia for the past, childhood origins, and tradition.

The full moon occurs in Capricorn (opposition to the New Moon). Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the principle of structure, limits, time, ambition, resources – also career and wordly reputation. Like Cancer, Capricorn also honours tradition and the status quo but will steadily work to change the structure when it is time for change. No Scorpio explosions or Aqua lightning bolts, just determined and tenacious action from the bottom up.

Where Capricorn is ambitious and determined the Cancerian principle is enfolded in the nest with your dear ones focused inwards – on your kin. This Full Moon cycle throws light on how we balance these two impulses – going outward and turning inward.

These aren’t contradictory concepts – without a place of retreat we cannot sustain outward ambitions. But a place of comfort and retreat needs wordly effort to remain comfortable – both Cancer and Capricorn are known for their shrewd approach to money, status and comfort. This pragmatism is often misunderstood – the interest in material ambition belies a deep desire to rest with and sustain kin and dependants. And ultimately … if we care for our kin we must meet their material needs as much as the less tangible ones.

The Full Moon is the time we see what fruit our New Moon musings have brought us. Midwinter is also the time to prune back old growth, right back to the basic structure so that the life force of the plant can be spent on strong,  new growth. Economy and comfort, privacy and wordly ambition, family and career – are they pulling you apart?  Or have you worked out that they feed each other; economy brings comfort, a well developed public face means freedom to be you in private, family is the reason for career. To climb upwards, give “our lot” a better shot at life is the name of the game. No Aquarian universal humanitarian impulses this month nor Piscean self sacrifice. Besides, when you’ve looked to your own then you can look to others.

This Full Moon you will see the product of your hard work and how focus on family and your career are not competing priorities. When we save our energy for who matters most and how we can provide for them (even if for now that seems to be “just” you) we begin to realise what can be sacrificed as dead wood – habits that waste precious resources through bringing anxieties and stress, brooding on what was not what is right here, right now. For some of you there is the quiet realisation that some bonds just have to be slipped if you want to progress. It’s not a scathing Scorpionic slash n burn, just prudent assessment of how much you’ve got to give (Cancer) for what you get in return (Capricorn).

Sometimes familial(type) obligations seem taxing, more than we can deal with or a distraction from our wordly ambitions. Obligations to those we depend on or those who depend upon us can be onerous or comforting (or both from time to time). Learning to work within these bonds of duty and love without resentfulness or self negation conserves energy to achieve what you have your heart set on – without the guilt and eventual isolation that neglecting duty inevitably leads to.

If you are experiencing the nostalgia/memory aspect of this lunar cycle please remember whether founded in loving soil or bitter – your early story is your foundation story, you bring that knowledge, those memories with you and working with what you know can share it or transform it. Consider ypur origin and the destiny you intend to build for yourself. … what are you taking with you? What are you accepting, leaving to lie? What would you like to show the world? Perhaps your survival is ambition enough. Jist seeing how far you’ve come is a triumph. Others can use sound knowledge of the past to change how things will be by restructuring long standing values and building new traditions.

Find the sweet spot between loving bonds and interminable rello-bashes where everyone asks how your career is going or if you’ve married yet. Or will ever do either of those things.  (for non Aussies this is slang for epic family gatherings, relative -> rello and bash – party)

Whatever your wordly ambition is remember that your roots gave you to impetus to get there… and respect this knowledge. If you lose your way in terms of career look back to origins/home life and vice versa.

May your full moon experience be productive and also, comforting. (I’m doing housework and drinking tea)

Love Asha Maria

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