Moon in Aquarius – A little bit of perspective

Aquarius Moon CHildThe Moon is now in Aquarius. We feel some distance from sentiment; we can think about our internal life in a detailed way without losing ourselves in tears. The Aquarius Moon makes us all a little more aloof – we may be concerned with the impact of events on others as a whole but we retain an intellectual, humanitarian approach – not a personal one. Unusual and spontaneous solutions to issues arising from the Full Moon in practical Capricorn come out of the blue, it’s a good time for out-of-the-box thinking and innovative approaches to balancing family life (Cancer New Moon) with career and public life (Capricorn Full Moon).

It is a good time to consider emotive issues that require a little critical distance. As we flow towards the last quarter Moon in Aries take time to examine, analyse and critique your New Moon intentions. Now the passion of the Full Moon is releasing us a little, look closely and consider: how exactly can you do it better in terms of the Big Picture and still be your own, unique self?  How are you serving others and how do you balance this need with being yourself (which is all you really can be, unless you’re up for a life of frustrated impulses and neurosis)? And if you’re all tangled up in repressed impulses popping out in outbursts at work or at home – hanging them on the wrong people, in the wrong time or the wrong place – how can you possibly look after anyone or your own worldly progress?

Get out a piece of paper and draw a box*. Put inside of it all you have been doing til now re Family/Career issues (re-read my full moon post to catch up on this month’s moon story). Put outside of it some things you could try doing that might work – because the stuff in the box probably doesn’t. Hold onto it until next week when it’s time for snipping away useless stuff as the Moon moves into her Dark Phase.

*credit to Anna Branford, children’s author for this fabulous and practical idea.

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